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Gear Review: Cairn Box – November Edition

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Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully you’re enjoying eating Turkey, but if you’re anything like me you’re ready to bring on the holiday lights and decorate your tree.

Luckily, Cairn is getting us into the Christmas spirit early, with a really awesome November box! I fully plan on using some items out of this to stuff Matt’s own stocking, and the pup’s even got a gift.
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Hiking to Pickens Nose

0 Pickens Nose Trailhead - North Carolina


A beautiful Sunday calls for some time outdoors. After doing some research, we found several great hiking trails just North of our cabin in Tiger, Georgia.

Just outside of Otto, NC at the NC/GA border is the Coweeta Hydrological Laboratory. Along the gravel roads by the lab are many hiking trails – several of which connect to the Appalachian Trail.


We chose to tackle the Pickens Nose Trail because of the views of the Southern Nantahala Wilderness to the North, West and South into GA. When the weather is clear and crisp, there is nothing better than standing atop a mountain and seeing for miles. Continue reading “Hiking to Pickens Nose” »

Jagermeister Cocktails

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We had a very Charlotte Saturday. We were introduced to the 7th Street Market by some friends, and had delicious crepes and coffee and sweets, along with great conversation. Someone hit my car in the 7th Street Station parking deck and drove off without leaving a note.

And we got to attend the Mixology Lab, hosted at Earl’s Grocery with Bob Peters teaching us how to class up what we’re drinking! Continue reading “Jagermeister Cocktails” »

Cabin Update: Staying Warm & Strange New Dogs

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Halloween is quickly approaching, and as my least favourite holiday ever I decided this was the year that I wouldn’t suck it up, put on cat ears, and pretend to enjoy looking ridiculous. Yes, 2015 is the year I finally own up to my grumpy ways and refuse to participate.

So I went down to our cabin in Northeast Georgia, where trick-or-treaters dare not venture. Ha! Continue reading “Cabin Update: Staying Warm & Strange New Dogs” »

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