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A Night At The Fair: NC State Fair 2016

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The North Carolina State Fair kicked off on Thursday, and since I was in Raleigh I took the opportunity to go and explore.

Now I LOVE Fairs. The bounty of food, the neon lights, the sounds of the whirring and buzzing of the games, the abundance of livestock, and the fantastical people watching. Continue reading “A Night At The Fair: NC State Fair 2016” »

Shopping List: The Landmark Project

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As many of you know, I’m an Outreach Guide for local, Carolina-based brand The Landmark Project. One thing that really drew me to the brand is the amazing details put into the shirt designs: they really catch dreamy perspectives of some of the best parks around the nation.

(Psst: Save 15% when you use code emaccipiterstew at checkout!)

Continue reading “Shopping List: The Landmark Project” »

Activity Guide: A Week In Anchorage

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Following up on last week’s food guide for a week of eating in Anchorage, I wanted to share our activity guide.

I spent the week doing things that were a quick drive from the city – hikes mostly. Matt did more of an adventurous long weekend that needed longer drives. It provided a nice mix of activities for everyone!

Continue reading “Activity Guide: A Week In Anchorage” »

Food Guide: A Week in Anchorage


As you all know, Matt and I recently returned to Anchorage in August for a little over a week to see friends and participate in Anchorage RunFest.

I constantly get questions – both in person and through e-mail – asking me “What should I do in Anchorage?” and “When’s the best time to go?” so I thought I would recap some of the activities and restaurants we visited recently. Consider it a tourist guide through a former locals eyes.

First up, food. These are the places I deemed necessiary to grab a bite or a beverage at, while fueling for the week or catching up with friends. Continue reading “Food Guide: A Week in Anchorage” »

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