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Our Latest Adventure


You may have noticed over the past several blog post that my stomach was growing a bit in size. Well, my belly is no longer growing, and we now have a new family member to join us on adventures. While we’re not quite ready to hit the trail with him yet, these past two weeks have been an adventure of their own, filled with trials & errors, late nights awake, and mastering the art of eating while holding a wiggly 8 lb. bear.

I’m not planning on making this a blog about him, but I will occasionally be sharing the adventures we go on with him, as well as the gear we use. While I was pregnant, I had a hard time finding blogs or articles that share how to best adventure with a baby that aren’t about car camping or staying in hotels.

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Trip Report: A Weekend in Manchester, Vermont


With the exception of this past weekend, it’s been way too hot in the Carolina’s. We’d been itching to go somewhere and get out of the South, but everytime we’d think of a cool place to go visit, the cost of airfare would deflate our dreams. (Seriously…$1200 for two people to go to Boston? That’s rediculous.)

Finally, Matt pulled the trigger and booked us a getaway to Dorset, Vermont; located just outside of Manchester in the Southwestern part of the state. I submitted my request for my last vacation day of the year (The fact that Americans don’t get enough vacation days is another rant of mine – we’re already running out of 2017’s as we begin allocating it out), and we made zero plans for the weekend other than to enjoy the chill of the Northeast and check another state off of Matt’s list. Continue reading “Trip Report: A Weekend in Manchester, Vermont” »

2016 Holiday Gift Guide


Originally I was going to do this guide for the man in your life. But as I was writing it, I realized that I – a woman – really wanted a lot of these things too. So instead of a gendered holiday gift guide, I’m sharing things to get the person in your life who would rather be outdoors. That seems much better, right?
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It was difficult to #OptOutside this year


Fall 2016 has been pretty disappointing for us, hike wise. The weather was incredibly hot (and honestly, it’s still warmer than what I would want), making it to where the dogs and I got tired more quickly. [Note: I highly recommend hiking thoughout a pregnancy, but it is so tough admitting to yourself that your body can’t handle conditions or distance that you did just a few months prior.] Then, the wildfires caused by arson, lightning, and drought conditions has kept a lot of trails and areas we love to explore from being accessible. Continue reading “It was difficult to #OptOutside this year” »

Holiday Shopping in a Small Town: Shopping Local


Happy Post-Thanksgiving! Our Thursday was spent visiting our families, eating two big meals, and being thankful for great family members who recognize that our dogs are our children and go where we go. My grandmother even allowed the dogs in her house, much to the amazement of my parents, aunts, and uncles. My grandmother was even sneakily sneaking them food – just proving that the great-granddogs are the obviously the favourites in the family. Continue reading “Holiday Shopping in a Small Town: Shopping Local” »

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