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Craft Cocktails: A Spin on the Moscow Mule

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Every month, we get to attend a cool mixology class for free taught by the best mixologist in the state, Bob Peters. Since it is finally cooling down in Charlotte, we learned a great Winter drink to make: The Moscow Mule. This recipe has a little bit of a spin on it though, while I wholeheartedly welcomed.

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Snow in the QC Pt. 2

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There was a #Snowpocalpse on the Eastern seaboard this weekend, in case you hadn’t heard. We got a light mist on Wednesday night, but it didn’t stick around. Thursday night I attended a party for BrewPublik and wore my Sorel boots on the off-chance the weather would snow as predicted. When I got home at 11pm and no clouds in the sky, I figured this was another storm blown out of proportion in the South, and that it was be the New England region that saw the snow.

So when I woke up on Friday morning to go to a 6am workout class, I was happily surprised!

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Hiking North Carolina: Exploring the Birkheard Wilderness Area of Uwharrie National Forest

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Weekends are meant for exploring. And we’ve been searching for places to explore near our new home of Charlotte, North Carolina. A big issue we’ve been running into is running into too many people while we’re trying to get back to nature.

One thing we savored about Alaska was that, even though the trailheads were only 15 minutes from town, you could find trails and have solo hikes for miles. Our luck in North Carolina hasn’t been so good. Crowder’s Mountain is nicknamed Crowded Mountain, and South Mountains State Park had so many people that we didn’t dare let our pups run off leash (much to their dismay).

But, I think we finally found a place where we can get some one-on-one time with Mother Nature.

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Craft Cocktails: Recipes from Bob Peter’s Mixology Lab

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Ahoy! Another day, another great craft cocktail recipe to impress all your friends at a party. Bonus points for today’s recipe, as you can make it in bulk to take with you camping. Because I’m always looking out for you like that.

Today’s Cocktail is a Vesper.

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