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DIY: Chalkboard Wall

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Have you ever had a wall in your house that you just stare at everytimDIYe you walk in and go “Man, this wall could be so much cooler.”?

I have that wall right now. Or rather, I had that wall. There is a huge blank wall in our kitchen that you see when you walk in. We want to put a barn door on it to make the back bedroom and bathroom it’s own suite, but it’s going to be a custom design project that we just haven’t gotten around to.

So for the past six months, that wall had looked… dull. Beige and artless. Accented only by a trashcan and Moose, it doesn’t fit with the vibe we want for our home.

So I changed it. Here’s how: Continue reading “DIY: Chalkboard Wall” »


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When you want to be outside in the middle of the woods, but isolated hiking is a 3 hr drive away, you make do. This past week was absolutely crazy for us – work and social obligations ruined a plan to go backpacking, so attending TUCKFEST was the next best thing! I joked that TUCKFEST is Coachella for Charlotte, minus the crazy outfits and adding in the adventure-junkies.

TUCKFEST is a music festival featuring outdoor competitions that happens at the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte every April. It is one of the few times Charlotte feels like a city of outdoorsmen. People come from all around to participate in the competitions, and to spend their evenings jamming out to live music.  Continue reading “TUCKFEST 2016” »

Flying With Dogs

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If you’re like me, you are obsessed with your pets and want to take them everywhere with you. I mean, whenever we’re discussing camping trips and hiking trails I literally muse out loud “Yeah, Moose would love a trail like that!” as if my dog wouldn’t love ANY trail that we let her run free on.

That being said, not every trip is driveable, and sometimes you do have to fly your beloved fur-child. People with small dogs have it lucky: they can just put them in a carrier under their seat. My dogs are 65 lb. and 75 lb. – they’re not fitting under the seats at all. Continue reading “Flying With Dogs” »

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