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Memorial Day Weekend: Backpacking Along The Foothills Trail


This was our first Memorial Day Weekend back in the South, so we decided it was the perfect time to kick off our backpacking season.

Turns out, backpacking in the summer in the South is the WORST. So hot. So humid. So many mosquitos.

We still enjoyed it anyways.

We decided to re-hike the first ever backpacking trip we did together 5 years ago: section A4 – A5 out-and-back on the Foothills Trail. This time around, we added a few more miles, kicking off from A3 instead. We had the same backpacks, same hammocks, Matt’s same shoes; but the rest of our gear had been upgraded. I was breaking in a new pair of trail shoes, and it was Moose’s longest trip since Seward last year.

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Exploring Glassy Mountain

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The weather forecast for this past weekend was supposed to be torrential downpour across the Carolina’s – cancelling a backpacking trip we had planned to Lake Jocassee. It ended up being actually really beautiful and would have been perfect camping weather which has reinstated my belief of never looking at weather forecasts and just accepting the weather as it comes.

As a rain contingency plan, we headed down to Northeast Georgia for a weekend we expected to fill with a cozy fire and bottles of locally made wine.

When Saturday morning looked amazing, we decided to check out an area we had heard about called Glassy Mountain. Rumor has it that the name comes from the mica that covers the mountain, giving it a glassy look when the sun reflects off of it. We didn’t experience the glassy effect, but we did have an incredible journey. I will apologize in advance for all of the pictures: the weather kept going between beautiful and ‘it-may-rain’ so all of nature naturally looked amazing.

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When Alaska Friends Come To Town

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We’ve gotten incredibly lucky with visitors lately. A few weeks ago, a large group of our friends from when we lived in Greenville, South Carolina came up to visit; and since my bff Megan has moved back to the Carolinas, I’ve been forcing her to come visit often.

But, I’ve been getting even more spoiled with friends we made in Alaska making their way to Charlotte! Stephanie, who now lives in Houston, Texas came for a weekend before a work training session in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Bart, who still lives in Anchorage, was here for a full week for a work conference! Two more – Jodie & Alex – are coming mid-June as well!

Naturally, I wanted them to enjoy Charlotte, and to introduce them to places and activities that we enjoy doing – which can be hard considering our lives in Alaska were much more mountains much less city.

So I’ve decided to share how I spent time with my visitors, and to hopefully give you ideas of how to spend time in the Queen City. Continue reading “When Alaska Friends Come To Town” »

Cocktails at The Cotton Room

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My friend Bart is in town from Anchorage all week for a public bus conference. (He’s a city planner back in Anchorage, it’s really cool.) This means that, not only do I get to hear about Alaska and what everyone has been doing, but I get to show off Charlotte through a “welcome to my new city” perspective. I’ve been working hard over the past 8 (!!!) months to find loveable parts of the city to make the longing of the mountains and the insanely hot humidity seem not so bad.

Last night, we met for dinner at Brevard Court, while is probably my favourite place in all of Uptown. The narrow alley feel, the multi-cultural food, the languages I hear, the soccer fans I see celebrating: it all gives me a happy feeling and makes me like the city a little more each time I’m there.

We had delicious pizza from ZABlong, and noticed the sign for The Cotton Room hanging above Belfast Mill. I’d heard about The Cotton Room’s ¬†recent opening, and other than a reputation for craft cocktails I hadn’t heard anything else.

So Bart, being an awesome up-for-anything kind of guy agreed to grab a drink with me.

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Tour de Trees : Bike Charlotte

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Bike Charlotte is a 17-day event filled with bicycle-related events focused on empowering Charlotte citizens to incorporate cycling into their lives. Obviously, you know how much I love riding my bike, so I was all for the celebration!

One event that sounded so cool to me when I was looking up the event schedule was Tour de Trees: a history of the arbors in the city. I’m a bit of a history nerd, especially local history. I love hearing the stories that provide the backstory to what I experience now. I knew a little bit about the fact that the trees lining certain roads were chosen with care; but I wanted to learn more. Continue reading “Tour de Trees : Bike Charlotte” »

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