Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

April 16, 2013

We’ve got some amazing friends getting married at the end of this month (April 27th – Graham & Sarah!) and you obviously celebrate such a momentous occasion with a night or a weekend dedicated to the upcoming bride or groom. These magical celebrations are Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. They’re a great way for all of the bridesmaids to meet each other, and find out who you’ll be hanging out with at the wedding.

The weekend of April 5th, Matt went to Atlanta to celebrate Graham, and I went to Atlanta to celebrate Sarah. (Yes, same city parties. The boys totally copied us. Luckily, there was no overlap or seeing of each other.)

To celebrate Sarah, we rented a huge white van and did a great tour of some North Georgia wineries.

We visited:

Three Sisters Vineyard |

We started here, where we immediately fell in love with an actual kitten in an actual basket (no worries, someone took pictures). After we all coo’d over the adorableness of it, we were down for wine tasting business. 

This vineyard allowed us to pick 6 wines off of a tasting list, so it was really cool how everyone was able to pick off their own tastes. Much to Megan’s encouragement, everyone tasted their Table Red wine which was as delicious as Megan remembered.

They also had some great flavoured wines: a peach and a hawaiian! I picked up a bottle of the Pineapple flavoured so that when I’m in the dead of Alaska’s winter, I’ll have something to uncork and remind me of warmer days to come.

Frogtown Cellars |

The View

We stopped here for lunch and a tasting. There was a bit of confusion when we arrived: the manager kept saying we couldn’t do a tasting we could only buy bottles. After a lot of standing around and white-girl-saying ‘well why do other people get to do tastings? We’re a group of 9!’ they served us lunch and then gave us our own private tasting table.

One thing that was great about them was they had several different tasting flights available for different tastes. I went for a white and red mixed tasting, while some of the other girls went for a sweet tasting. My tasting was $15, while Megan and Tara’s were only $5 each, so it also catered nicely to different price points.

Lunch was delicious, we had sandwiches and salads while we overlooked the view. The vineyard had 2 adorable dogs who stood by our table loyally looking for scraps to be tossed their way.

Wolf Mountain Vineyard |

Wolf Mountain was my favourite vineyard of the day. It was lively, and the pourers clearly enjoyed their job. We started off with a champagne tasting, moved on to whites and reds, and enjoyed breath-taking views.

After an exhausting day of tasting more than our fair share of wines, we went back to the hotel rooms to get ready for an amazing dinner at The Melting Pot. For those who’ve never been, The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant where you actually get to cook your own meal! We splurged for several 4-course meals, which included salads, Cheese fondue appatizer, several different meats to cook for dinner, and a decadent chocolate fondue dessert! 

Dessert was obviously the best part of the experience, as I love dipping anything edible in chocolate. Clearly, I’m not alone since we were scrapping the fondue pots clean!

As for the boys’ weekend: I know they played paintball for several hours. All of them came home covered with quarter size bruises from close-range shots and ached about pain in their legs and bodies the whole day Sunday (or at least Matt did). As to the rest of their weekend, I guess the phrase “what happens in Atlanta stays in Atlanta” is applicable.



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