Obsessed!: Etsy Edition

April 19, 2013

This week I’ve been scouring Etsy for a great gift for my mom for Mother’s day (May 12… mark your calendar!) and always looking for a little something for myself.

Etsy has always been a great place to find unique finds to help show your character and personality through jewelry, clothes, home decor, and gift giving. In the past, I’ve gotten wedding gifts through Etsy, and personalized items from when Matt & I got married.

Here is a sampling of what I’ve been coveting from Etsy this week!

This personalized iPhone case is an amazing way to call out the love of your home state or adopted home state. The Chevron pattern is on trend right now, and it’s a unique case that will make you know your phone instantly at a table of friends.

From the Etsy store StudioCicada, you can personalize this case with your state, where the heart location is, and the colour of the Chevron background.

The price is only $16, so it’s just as affordable as the phone cases from the mall!

See them here.

This personalized state stamp allows you to update those old address labels with something fresh and cute! I’ve got a stamp I ordered through Etsy when Matt & I got married that’s a little different… but I can’t wait to order this one for our new home in Anchorage!

From the Etsy store SincerelyYoursPaper, you can chose from 49 of the 50 states (Sorry Hawaii!) or Washington, DC. Whether you want it to say just your name, or call out the whole family, this is a cute way to let those you’re sending mail to know they’ve got a sweet gift coming from you!

The price is normally $38, but it’s been getting such great buzz online that for the month of April the shop is selling it for 25% off! (That’s $28.50 for those not willing to do math).

See them here.

I’m clearly having a love affair with all things state related, so to further show pride for your part of the US, here is a great hook rack carved to the shape of your state!

The shop OldNewAgain has several different states available so you should be able to easily find yours: I was raised in North Carolina so my heart naturally wandered to this one in particular.

The husband and wife team cut the wood, sand it down, and paint it to give it that rustic look that is so chic these days. Right now they’re celebrating tax season, so if you use the code TAXESDONE2013 you get 10% off your purchase! It’s a great way to add character to your home while saving some of that refund! Normal price is about $42 per rack.

See them here.

Moving away from states and into animals, these pillows featuring a vintage-looking screenprint onto a linen/cotton pillow are the perfect accessory for a couch or bed. Several animal images are available: moose, owl, humpback whale, porcupine, etc.

The shop SparrowAvenue makes each pillow by hand, putting love into each one. The price is about what you’d see at Pottery Barn (These pillows are $45 each) but you’ll have something handmade and unique that will be a great conversation piece when guests come over.

See them here.

I’m a big fan of earrings, and I prefer studs to dangily earrings (the dangily ones get caught in long hair and its always a tragic incident for me). That being said, sometimes it’s hard to find cute, colourful earrings in a stud style.

These pretty earrings are styled to look like mum flowers! There are a lot of sellers on Etsy with Mum earrings, but the seller I selected is CaliforniaTart. She has several colours available, and only charges $5 a pair!The packs are silver plated, so they are great for those with nickle allergies.

See them here.

What things do you shop for on Etsy? I’d love to see your favourite Etsy purchases in the comments below!




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