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April 8, 2013

It’s almost here: our house officially goes on the market this weekend (eeekkk!)

We’ve had so many amazing memories in this home: it was our first house together and learning the joys and headaches of home ownership together has been quite the journey.

In preperation for the listing, our home stager and realtor went through and told us we had to ‘declutter’ and ‘depersonalize’ the house. It’s strange to see our photographs come down, but I understand that the buyers will want to imagine themselves here, instead of the family that already made it a home.

I’m also realizing the house looks the best at two points in time during ownership: The day you take the keys as the buyer, and the weeks you spend getting it ready to sell. I’ve never seen Matt happier than when we were able to clear out my office and actually see the floors and walls.

Decluttering was a particularly daunting task. We realized around 11pm last night that I had brought with me every childhood memory ever: My academic awards from 1998 (not to brag but, uh, I was pretty smart as a child), pictures from summer camp, and ever knick knack imaginable. We ended up donating a ton of clothes, office supplies, housewares, and even more clothes to the Junior League of Greenville’s Nearly New Shop and the +Miracle Hill thrift stores. I even gave up my beloved Pottery Barn couch that Matt hates due to the slipcover being non-existant.

But back to our house: It’s in the Hampton-Pickney district of Downtown Greenville, which used to be a questionable area. Over the past decade, the neighborhood and area has turned around and now features some great historic homes. We bought at 1935 Craftsman that has been completely redone inside, featuring 12 ft. ceilings and great hardwood floors. It’s been an amazing place to live; but our new adventure in Alaska calls our name!

Below are some pictures of the house, before it gets listed!

View of Our Little Place
Living Room

My Office/Spare Bedroom




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