May 30, 2013

This time last year, we had the pleasure of becoming parents to this wonderful girl. 

We went to the Greenville Humane Society in Greenville, SC the Friday before Memorial Day weekend 2012. We went “just to look” because I really had my heart set on a Mastiff. 

We knew we weren’t going to get a puppy, for a few reasons:
– Puppies take a lot of time and work to train
– Puppies pee everywhere
– Puppies have a LOT of energy
– Puppies always get adopted. 
We wanted to give an older dog a chance at a forever home, and we were also very excited to not have to deal with potty training. 
We saw Sasha laying in a cage with another dog and immediately took pity on her when we saw another dog lift his leg and pee on her, and she still smiled at us. Way to be a trooper doggie!
We asked the shelter volunteers if we could walk her, and we were amazed at how she stayed beside us, didn’t jump, and was just so happy and calm! That was it, I turned to Matt and did my best impression of puppy dog eyes and begged for her saying “she needs us!”
So we got her. $50 later (we got an older dog discount) she was ours. 
Her first act as a Stewart: taking a big big poop. 
We should have known what we were getting into


In the past year, we have been amazed at the joy she brings into our lives. She’s gotten a bit more unruly; she now jumps when she sees the leash (OMG WE’RE GOING ON A WALK!!!), she sneaks on the furniture at night (the black hair is a dead giveaway), and she barks when we pull away from the house (don’t leave I will miss you so much!!!). She also still won’t jump in the car, even though we know she can do it!
As summer approaches, if you find yourself looking for a furry companion please check out your local animal shelter. All of the pets I’ve ever had growing up have been rescues, and there is no one more loving than an animal that knows you saved them. 
And to close, here are several pictures of Sasha Bear Stewart. 


To end, can someone help me identify what Sasha is? She weighs 70 lbs, and is super adorbs. 





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