Obessed!: Cute T-Shirt Alert

May 10, 2013

OK, let’s be serious. We all have those days where nothing feels better than a t-shirt, jeans, and maybe a cardigan thrown over top.

We all know my love of declaring affection for states in our great nation (as noted in this recent blog post. So what better way to show where you’re from then with one of these shirts!

Current Home.
Future Home.

The Home. T  has created these adorable declarations, and you can buy them for only $25. One really cool thing about the company is that they’re based in the US, all of the shirts are made in the USA (hello, even more pride!), and a portion of the profits go to MS (Multiple sclerosis) research. Way to make you feel even better about spending some cash.

The only downfall is that not all of the states are on there: I was raised in North Carolina and would love to represent that – but it’s not available. 


Good news is, I can rep my country instead (because let’s face it… I spend more time out of my state than in it). United Kingdom & Canada: They’ve got you covered as well!



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