Roadtrip To Alaska

May 14, 2013
In case you can’t tell – it’s far.

It’s official. On June 6, 2013 at 5:00 AM EST, The Stewart’s begin their 10 day 4,785 mile journey from South Carolina to Anchorage, Alaska.


We are beyond excited to begin this new adventure in our lives! We will be crossing the country with our dog Sasha Bear (who is, luckily, an AMAZING car rider) and seeing some great symbols of America before we leave the Lower 48 for a while.

Planning the US portion of the trip is easy: Averaging about 450-500 miles a day, we will stop and see some great historic landmarks. On our list:

St. Louis Gateway Arch

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Yellowstone National Park

The planning of the Canadian portion will be a little bit more difficult, due to a lack of knowledge off Canada. To prepare, we purchased the “Bible Of North Country Travel”

Travel Bible

This book looks pretty amazing: It’s got full city details, iteneraries, and most importantly: MAPS! Traveling through Canada is going to be difficult without our data plans, so we will actually be using maps and signs to naviate, rather than our phones.

It’s so exciting to think we’ll be on the road soon, crossing america like new-age pioneers. Or at least in mind, that’s how it is.



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