Signs you’re living in the woods

May 30, 2013

We had to leave our house in Greenville May 17th so the new owners could move in, and we can’t move into our Alaska house until June 21at (seriously, how do people do this?!)

So in the meantime, we’ve been living in our cabin in Tiger, GA. 
Where is Tiger, you ask? Outside of Clayton. Where is Clayton? Boondocks of north Georgia. 
Anyways, it has been quite interesting and entertaining to live in such an isolated area. Our evenings have been spent reading books, playing with Sasha, and fun games of Kick the Hedgehog (no worries, it’s one of Sasha’s toys). 


Some interesting things have happened though. Like this morning when we had no water. I rushed off to (a 2 hour commute) to work, while Matt stayed to investigate the issue. 
The reason we had no water you ask? 

We’ve also had fun trying to navigate the dirt road easily since it’s been raining most every day this week! 
Other obstacles that have been holding me up are Guineas. What are guineas, you ask, sighing at my obvious boondocks talk. Guineas are birds that stand in the middle of the road and don’t move until they want to, or are hit by a car. 
They made me late to work once. 



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