Day 3: National Park Visits!

June 9, 2013

Day 3:

We had to wake up earlier than necessary to pack up our tent before a big thunderstorm came through. We finished just in time, and hit some heavy rain for about an hour as we headed west on I-90.

Once again, I am blown away by the beauty of the land up here. Vibrant blue skies and green grass and red rocks create an image so pretty that I was frustrated that none of my cameras could capture it.

We saw signs for probably 200 miles advertising this town and drugstore called Wall Drugs.

The signs were so prevalent that it piqued our curiosity and we had to stop.

It was a cute little kitschy tourist stop right at the edge of the badlands. Since we had entered the Mountain Time zone, we were starving at 9:30am, so we had a good lunch at the cafe admiring drug store art collected from around the nation.

They had a cool area called the Backyard, where we took these neat photos

We also got these sweet shirts, which I insisted we wear the rest of the day.

After spending some time in Wall, we headed south to the Badlands National Park. The views were amazing. It’s a park that neither of us previously had any desire to go to since no one ever talks about it, but being in the park and seeing the landscape and wildlife was amazing. We rode through slowly, constantly getting out to take pictures of bison, prairie dogs, and the views.

The wind was so powerful, I was worried it was going to throw us off of a cliff!

After the Badlands, we checked out Mt. Rushmore. The fact that they could envision and build such a thing through the granite is fascinating to me. I mean, come on! It’s four faces 40 stories high carved into the side of a mountain.

Six cool people.

After leaving Rushmore we headed straight for Buffalo, WY.

Sasha has now pooped in more states than most people go to. So that’s neat.

We stayed at another KOA Kabin (we live luxurious lives, people) and headed into town for dinner.

View from the front of the KOA.

We ate at the Dash Inn, which was decent. The milkshakes were delicious, so yay for that.
It’s crazy to think that 3 days in, and we’re this far along:



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