June 3, 2013
In three (!!!) days Matt & I begin our road trip up to Alaska. This weekend we both went home (me to Mt Holly, Matt to Rock Hill) to see the fams one last time before we leave. 
In Greenville, we were only 1.5 hrs away from our families, and even though we didn’t see them very often, it is bizarre to think we can’t do any quick day trips to visit. It will be strange to think I can’t call my mom and say “Let’s meet at the Pottery Barn outlet and do lunch on Saturday!” anymore. 
(Also, there isn’t a Pottery Barn outlet, or an Ikea or World Market in Anchorge so I don’t know where I’m going to get furniture now). 
Anyways, I’ll miss them, but I know they’ll be up to visit soon. Matt’s family is coming in August and mine is coming for Thanksgiving; so by then we will have new favorite places to take them. They also now get vacations, as well as time with their kids! Win-Win in my opinion. 
Finally, some pictures with the fam. I’ll miss them, but that’s why living in a time where Skype and FaceTime are available is so great. 
Even from the start, I was clumsy

Introducing mom to a Greenville staple
Rooftop drinks at Sip in Greenville
Please note that my grandfather can rival Grumpy Cat’s face in any photo.
Grandfather & Grandmother. How adorbs are they.
On Sunday, my dad & I went ‘hiking’ (it was a relatively flat path but it ran next to a river and it was really humid out so it was like hiking) and my mom met up with us towards the end. I made her promise not to cry, so instead she wanted pictures. Unfortunately, their sweet dog doesn’t have oposable thumbs so we were not able to get a picture of the three of us. But! I was able to get a picture of them with Fancy – the sweetest, happiest, most energetic pitbull ever.
Mom, Dad & their youngest daughter
Hiking with Dad



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