Obsessed!: Ozarks Alaska Antiques & Decor

June 21, 2013

There is this amazing store in Anchorage right near Matt’s office called Ozarks.


They feature that look that is getting ever so popular: furniture that was old but has been lovingly fixed up (but then painted again to look a little bit old). 20130621-110124.jpg

I‘m obsessed.


They have furniture for any type of home decor you’re looking for, from bedding, end tables, dressers, and lighting. They also have a great blog where they post new items as they come in, so you can look to see if something you have to have is available.20130621-110143.jpg




I know it’s impractical – but I need this Blood Orange chair asap.

The lighting selection is amazing! They’ve been able to creatively recycle things like metal baskets and boards and turn them into trendy overhead light fixtures.When I went in the store, I walked around for probably a solid hour, admiring everything. There were so many pieces I wanted (“this would be perfect at the foot of the bed!” “I’d love this in the entry way!” “this sign is too perfect for the living room!”) but held restraint since we don’t even have our currently owned furniture in yet.

As soon as the movers deliver our items and I get the house styled with our current goodies, I plan on heading back to Ozarks and finding a new piece to add to our collection.



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