Day 1: Heading West

June 7, 2013

Goal start time: 4:30am EST

Actual start time: 5:07am EST

Better than I thought we would be, actually. It was raining so hard last night that we had a lot of trouble loading up the truck with our stuff, so I’m not surprised with the delay. Luckily, I added a lot of cushion for the days timed events so we won’t be late to anything. 

Last night we realized we had yet another #FirstWorldProblem associated with cabin living: where do we take our trash?!? Since our plates are SC, we couldn’t take it to the dump in GA. You’re legally not allowed to put trash in someone else’s can without their permission. It’s too big to put in a rest stop trash can. So yes, we were riding around with 3 big bags of trash. 
But, we disposed of the trash shortly after beginning the trip. It was like a stealth mission out of Oceans 11, minus the people, jewel heist, and George Clooney. We basically found a lit area dumpster and quickly put the trash in. But we got an adrenaline rush!
After that we passed through Tennessee by way of Chattanooga and Nashville (we waved hello at both). 

And then it was on to Kentucky! 
Road construction prevented us from posing with the sign. Sasha was so sad.
Sasha is a great road tripper. Her activities include:


And more sleeping. 
Oh, and taking selfies. 

Right after crossing into Illinois, we stopped in a city called Metropolis. More famously known at The Home of Superman!

It’s a small town that is superman everything. We happened to be there during a huge festival that actually had people from the original show and movies! (We didn’t see them)

And we ate good BBQ at a true dive. It was delicious. I would recommend them. 

We reached St Louis 2 hrs ahead of schedule, so we went into town to explore after checking into our KOA kampsite. 
Can’t wait for day 2!



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