Settling In Nicely

June 23, 2013


We’ve officially been in Anchorage for a week now, and in our house for 5 days. While we still don’t have our furniture (we got to close on the house 4 days early, so the movers weren’t scheduled until the 24th), it’s been nice to get some major stuff knocked out before the furniture comes and adds another layer of chaos.image_3First things first, I got my tiger flag up! I was so excited about this, especially being so far from South Carolina, to show some pride for Clemson. Great news is, Saturday morning we had people stop by our house to chat solely because of the flag! The people who stopped were Gamecock fans from Myrtle Beach, SC who had been up here for three years. We chatted about our love of tailgating, and they invited us to join their next game night. Yay Clemson flag – bringing South Carolinian’s together 5,000 miles away!

I also got two rooms in the house painted: the master bedroom and the living room. The house came with everything beige/white – white carpet, beige walls, beige exterior: I can’t handle it. I loved the paint colours of our walls back in Greenville, so I got the painter to match the exact colour for the bedroom (Sherwin Williams Comfort Grey, if you’re interested).

Bedroom - Before & After

Bedroom – Before & After

We even got curtains up!

so chic

so chic


I also got the living room painted (Behr’s Green Tea – I love it!) – I figured I would get the two rooms we would spend the most time in painted.

Living Room Before

Living Room Before

Living Room After!

Living Room After!

Another reminder of home, I even propped up a watercolor print of Greenville I got before the drive up, so it will hang out here until I can get it framed. It makes the house feel a little more home-y and a little less ‘giant box with nothing in it’.

image_4We also finally stocked the fridge! Since it is so expensive to eat out up here, we’re planning on trying to cook more, and eat in. I’d love to give any easy recipes you have a shot!

By fridge, I mean freezer. We stocked the freezer.

By fridge, I mean freezer. We stocked the freezer.

We spent the afternoon at Costco, planning out our meals for the next month week and buying in bulk. This should last us a while, we’re hoping.

I even slaved over a nice home cooked microwaved meal! Costco had these lasagna’s that could feed an army (so I guess we’re going to be doing leftovers now too) for a really affordable price.

Matt had 2 servings - I think he likes it!

Matt had 2 servings – I think he likes it!

As for Matt, he’s been super busy at work the whole week while I have been doing… whatever the term is for what I’m currently doing (Stay At Home Dog Mom? Unemployed but Looking? Ugh.) He throws out terms like imports and computers and software, so I assume it’s pretty legit.

Good news for him is that he gets to wear his favourite kind of shirts up here – even in the summer!

Plaid - All Day Erry Day

Plaid – All Day Erry Day

The weather isn’t quite South Carolina level (so low 70’s, no humidity), but Friday was particularly chilly (55!) Therefore, plaid was acceptable.

Also, in things that make Matt happy news: we’re getting a Cabela’s! We Matt was super sad he was going to miss the opening of the one in Greenville, but it looks like we may beat you guys to one up here first!

Spring 2014!

Spring 2014!

So yeah, I think we’re going to love it up here. Once we get furniture all set, we will be ready for guests! Who’s coming first?





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