Today was a good day

June 6, 2013

Today was my last day with my company, which I had been with since graduation. I was sad.

But I got to go out to lunch with some amazing coworkers/friends to Mellow Mushroom and enjoy a final lunchtime conversation. 
This afternoon, my department kept me busy with tasks like organizing the papers for the upcoming product line review and prepping the demo products for shipment. At 4:30, I walked into the main room and everyone was standing in a circle. Me being the awkward person that I am, waved at them and said hi. 
They surprised me with a card and a cake and said they would miss me (aww shucks you Gus! I’ll miss you too!) 
Overall, it was a bittersweet day. I enjoyed seeing the people I have grown to care for for the last time; but I am so excited to begin this new journey! I’m sad I didn’t take any pictures to document the day, but I do have my id badge and this cute card as a token of my time! 



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