A Day at the Museum

July 22, 2013

Matt & I went and explored the Anchorage Museum. It’s right next to my place of employment, and we had a coupon for Buy 1 ticket, Get 1 free – which is something we always like.

The museum was really cool. There was a great hands-on area on the first floor that was most likely for kids, but we had a blast touching everything.


Like how we could put ourselves in giant bubbles!!!


I figured once Matt got his desire to touch everything out of the way at the beginning, we’d be good for the rest of the museum. In case you were wondering – we were not. He was disappointed by every “Do Not Touch” sign, as he had his hands mere inches away from touching things.

They also had some amazing artwork about Alaska/by Alaskans that I really fell in love with. Below is my favourite. I instantly fell in love with it, and I’m going to see if I can find a print somehow so this can be in my house.


This. I need this. In my house. Somewhere. Now.


The above painting has the best name ever. I can not say enough how much I fell in love with this painting.

The part of the museum about the history of Alaska was super cool. Two things I really loved from it: Airmail (because it is so necessary up here, especially come winter months to communicate with the Bush communities. What took a dogsled team 20 days was reduced to 4 hrs with the invention of the airplane).


Why are letters not this adorable anymore? If they were, more people would send notes via post.

The second thing is this picture of a logger using a Homelite chainsaw to cut through a giant tree. Since I used to work for the company that now owns Homelite, and I used to help our sales associates sell Homelite chainsaws, I really love to see this old Homelite chainsaw in a museum. It made my day and made me want to send pictures to all of my friends from the TTI Outdoor Products team. (I totally restrained though).

IMG_2767There were also other cool things at the museum, like exhibits about the native people, and life in Alaska during the Russian era and when it became the 49th state. All cool, normal museum things.





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  • Reply Debbie Sistare July 23, 2013 at 06:46

    Matt has always had the desire to touch things and figure out how they work. The first time we took him to the fair and let him ride the kiddie roller coaster he spent most of the ride leaning over the side trying to look under it so he could see how it worked.

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