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Hi World, Meet Moose

July 3, 2013

Today, we finally received the newest member to our family: Moose Stewart.


We’ve been talking about getting a second dog for a while now; we thought it would be great to have a companion for Sasha when she’s in the backyard during the day, and that way Matt and I each ‘have our own’ since Sasha has proven her loyalties are not to me. The fact that I am the one who picked her out clearly means nothing to her.

She loves Matt more

She loves Matt more

Anyways, I have been doing research on dogs to adopt in Alaska. I was raised with rescue animals, and really wanted to get another one for our family. The thought of paying a few hundred dollars for a pet just doesn’t sit well – especially if I have no intention of putting them in a dog show or using them for hunting.

I really wanted to rescue a Bernese Mountain Dog, but they were surprisingly really hard to find up here. (Coincidentally, I could get a Bernese Mtn Dog puppy – for $2,000.)

So we were driving to downtown on Saturday and passed by a place close to our house that was packed with people and featured a sign saying “Adoption Today!”

Obviously we stopped.

And that is when I saw her. A precious little black and white border collie in a crate looking at me the same way Sasha looked at me when we decided to adopt her. I had to have her. I told Matt “This is our new family member! I need her! She must be ours!”

After filling out the paperwork and doing an interview (I guess we passed), we were told that she could be ours! (For the low adoption price of $150. To compare, Sasha was on sale at the Greenville Humane Society for $45.)

On Tuesday, we finally got to pick our little nugget up.

At first, Sasha was a bit territorial (of Matt) and didn’t like this new dog showing up trying to get pet by her human. Eventually, she decided it would be nice having a playmate.


We’re still going to feed them separately at first


Ahh, the ‘who are you’ sniff circle

IMG_2642 IMG_2640 IMG_2636Matt & I are so excited to welcome Moose into the family! First order of business is getting her a collar with her official Stewart name on it!

I’m thinking about this one from Etsy. It’s so cute!



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  • Reply Debbie Jones July 3, 2013 at 11:57

    So here’s my advice. Emily if you want Moose to be YOUR loyal companion then you need to be the one to play with her, feed her, walk her, love on her, let her out, etc, etc. Dogs do “choose” their owners but usually they choose who they feel loves them most and will be most loyal to them! She’s very cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply Nancy July 3, 2013 at 14:24

    I agree with Do. Fancy likes Al more because he is constantly with her, while the cats prefer me because I play with them more and clean up after them. I can’t wait to meet Miss Moose!

  • Reply Debbie Sistare July 12, 2013 at 11:18

    Emily…I like how you told Matt “I need her.” Matt used to use that on Paw Paw Cliff all the time. “But I needs it, Paw Paw.” “What is it, Matt?” “I don’t know but I needs it.”

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