Hiking Hatcher Pass

July 29, 2013

When trying to decide what to do last weekend, we consulted one of the best tourism apps I’ve seen: The Alaska App. The Alaska App is amazing, because you can use it to find any type of activity in Alaska; either by what’s nearby or using the guidebook to find a certain type of activity.

If you are coming to Alaska on vacation, definitely check it out. I know its available on iPhone, and I believe you can get it for Android phones as well.The Alaska AppWe decided to search hiking and explore outside of Anchorage. It was my first time leaving the city since we got here, and I hadn’t even realized! We decided to go explore Hatcher Pass, the description on the Alaska App seemed right up our alley: local favourite, scenic drive, and hiking.

Alaska App Hatchers Pass

The trip was about 2 hours, and took us straight up AK-1 (the same road we came in on!) Hatcher Pass is part of the Talkeetna Mountain Range. It’s at a high elevation, so it’s several degrees colder than in Anchorage, and usually still has some snow patches on it this time of year. Come winter, it is known for the great skiing.


Road trip!

Once we got there, we were blown away by how pretty it was. Since Hatcher Pass is at a very high elevation, we were literally in the clouds.

IMG_2872Being in the clouds made the scenic drive difficult, so we stopped at one of the first hiking trails we saw and decided to explore with the dogs.


The trail we picked was an 18-mile round trip hike along The Little Susitna (or, little Su as the locals call it), a river flowing with melted snow and glacier water. It was so clear and cold, and smelled so fresh and delicious that I wanted to act just like the dogs and drink in it! (I restrained myself)IMG_2869 We also got to see some cool wildlife homes. At one part of the trail, beavers had created their own lake and had lodges in the water – we kept hoping for a sighting, but alas no luck.IMG_2864 IMG_2865We only did 4 miles of the trail, but along the way we saw several hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers, and gold miners! (!!!!) Apparently, there is still gold in the hills and people are constantly going in with their equipment to see what they can find.


After our hike, we decided to continue into the pass to see Summit Lake. We had to drive up the side of a mountain on a gravel road that was barely 2-cars wide: all the while only having a limited view due to all of the clouds. It was a very cool experience.IMG_2871 Once we got to the parking area, we looked around. Where is this lake? We see all of the cars from other tourists, so we must be in the right area….IMG_2876 Wait! What’s that?IMG_2875 A pretty lake! (with melting snow near it!)

IMG_2874After an exhausting day hiking, we stopped off for some ice cream on the way home. Fun Fact: did you know that Alaska is the state with the highest ice cream consumption per person? (Source)

How do you finish off a good hike? (or really any great workout?)








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  • Reply Tara July 30, 2013 at 06:17

    Never would’ve thought Alaskans would like ice cream so much… I love fun facts ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope you, Matt & the pups are doing fantastic! We sure do miss y’all in SC though!

    • Reply Randy July 31, 2013 at 17:23

      Theres another adventure under your belt. you two are world explorers. sounds like it was lots of fun!!


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