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July 14, 2013

Today as Matt & I were strolling around Anchorage, we got to talking about lifelong ambitions. Throughout the course of our conversation, I was able to create a Bucket List of all the things I want to do in my life. Some of them I already have, and some of them I hope to do soon. Some will require training and preparation (and money!), others will just be taking the nerve to do.

So here it is:

  • Go on safari in the Masai Mara in Africa: There are these amazing tours where you can basically ‘glamp’ in the Wildlife Reserves in Africa. It’s high end camping, where you’re in tents with real beds and bedding, breakfast is made for you every day, and you have wild animals like giraffes, lions, elephants, etc. roaming around. It. Sounds. Awesome! There are some amazing tours that take you all through Kenya and Tanzania, but they’re a bit pricy. We’re saving up, so hopefully this can be a second honeymoon.


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  • Mt. Kilimanjaro: See it, climb it, stand in it’s amazing beauty: I don’t care. For some reason I feel like I need to experience it
  • Live in Alaska: This comes from growing up with my parents stories of living on Kodiak Island. They were the same age Matt & I are now when they lived up here, and they’ve always made Alaska sound like some magical place. Completed: Now! Matt’s company offered us the chance to live in Anchorage for a few years, and we jumped at the chance to go somewhere new.
  • Buy a house: As much money as I’ve spent on rent, the thought of buying a house and making it mine has been appealing since I was probably in high school. While renting is less of a commitment, owning a home allows you to take pride and ownership into something. You can plan for the long-term, and (most importantly!) allow your personality to shine in how you decorate and paint without having to worry ‘am I going to get fined for that when I leave?’ Completed: in 2011. For my 23rd birthday, I bought myself a house in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. It was a home built in 1935 that had been renovated, and I got to do a lot of work to it myself. I really enjoyed decorating, making it mine, and began to appreciate gardening and pulling weeds. Since buying my first house, Matt & I have bought a weekend cabin in Tiger, Georgia, sold the house in Greenville, and have bought a new home in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Camp in the Grand Canyon: I’ve always been a big fan of the National Parks and how they allow you to escape from the cities and roads and get to see what America was like before settlers and cities. The Grand Canyon is something I’ve only seen from the air, but we’ve heard of these cool hikes where you can go from the North Rim to the South Rim on a weeklong camping trip. I know a guy who did it with his then-girlfriend now-wife, and he told me that it was the best trip they ever took. I think it would be an amazing chance to see it without the tourist overshadow.
  • Go wine-tasting in the Mendoza region of Argentina: Wine has become a hobby of mine over the past few years, and I’ve really come to appreciate the different grapes and how they’re grown in the different regions. The Argentinean Malbec is one of my key choices, so I would love to get to go there and see where it is made. This trip would also go nicely with Matt’s desire to go see the Patagonia Mountains which are along the Argentinean and Chilean border.
  • Explore all 50 US States: I love to travel. It’s a part of me, and I relish any opportunity to go and see something new. Luckily, there are so many beautiful and amazing things in my own country, that I can’t wait to explore! I’ve gotten the chance to see a lot already, but I’ve heard amazing things about places like Utah, New Mexico, and Arkansas that I have to go see them for myself.
40 down, 10 to go

40 down, 10 to go

  • Visit South Africa: From seeing the Cape to Johannesburg, and of course the penguins, it seems like an exotic location I have to check out.
  • Ride a camel through the deserts near Dubai: Dubai has always been an exotic city known for its decadence and splendor. If I can go bask in it and ride some camels at the same time, why would I turn that down?
  • Bike tour through the windmills in The Netherlands: Matt & I stopped in The Netherlands during our honeymoon, but only spent a day in Amsterdam. I’d love to explore the countryside, and by bicycle seems like the best way to take it all in.
  • Explore the beer gardens of Germany: drinking a good beer in Germany has always sounded so cool to me. I had a friend who got to go to Germany in college, and his story of riding his bike on a beer garden tour made me jealous and excited at the same time. Completed: April 2012! Matt & I spent several days in Germany during our honeymoon, and of course we swung by a few beer gardens. Even better: we rented bikes in Berlin and ride around. At one beer garden, they even had a pond where you could go out in a row boat and row around. It was amazing and a very fond memory.
  • See New Zealand: This is one of Matt’s big picks. We don’t know much about New Zealand, but it seems really cool.
  • Leave a mark: Whether its a stunning work of art (highly unlikely as my art skills are poor) or an awesome product training plan, or anything in between, I’d like to leave a mark. Something where people can look at it and go “Emily created this, how great is it? Man she’s great” or something along those lines. Selfish, I know – but I think everyone wants a legacy of some kind.

As you can see, I’ve got big dreams. I’ll keep this updated as new dreams come along and as others become fulfilled.

What’s on your bucket list?



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  • Reply Evie July 14, 2013 at 09:11

    What’s on my bucket list? To have grandchildren. Which I believe falls under your “Leave a Mark” item. Love you guys! Miss you and look forward to our visit in a few weeks.

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