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Obsessed: Pottery Barn Cozy Cable-Knit Throw

August 12, 2013

A little over a year ago, we received a wonderful wedding gift from my amazing friend Lindsey. It was a Pottery Barn blanket that was cable knit on the outside, and faux sheepskin on the inside.

A seemingly simple obsession, yes. But in a word, this blanket is great. Amazing. Cuddly. Cozy.

This blanket has been with us for over a year now, and it is our absolute favorite when it’s chilly and we need to add a layer of warmth. We were constantly shuttling it from the house in Greenville, SC to the cabin in Tiger, GA, and back again.

Ahh, the Greenville Home

Ahh, the Greenville Home

We love it so much, we even brought it on our cross country road trip/move to Alaska. Yeah, we really love it.

Ideal for car rides when one person gets cold and the other never does

Ideal for car rides when one person gets cold and the other never does

Even Sasha loves it!

Even Sasha loves it!

Since being up here in Alaska, the temperature is a bit cooler than we had in the south, so we’ve been toting our blanket all over the house.

We fight over it in the bedroom.

for keeping warm at night

for keeping warm at night

I curl up under it in my reading/neighbor-stalking chair.

more reading than stalking though - our neighbors are quite boring

more reading than stalking though – our neighbors are quite boring

And we utilize it during our Arrested Development marathons (which happens most nights of the week).

Why yes, our couch can hold 8 people.

Why yes, our couch can hold 8 people.

So you can imagine my delight when Matt asked me to ‘get a few more’ of this amazing blanket. I’ve added it to my pottery barn shopping cart several times over the past year, but I thought Matt would kill me if I ever bought them. Right away I went to the site and ordered! (By the way, the lack of Pottery Barn’s in Anchorage is atrocious. Where am I supposed to go and covet beautiful furnishings and home decor?!)

To my delight, Pottery Barn gave me free shipping (which is great, because the only other places I’ve gotten free shipping to Alaska from is Nordstrom and Amazon Prime). They’re also running a deal where if you sign up for their emails, you can get 10% off of an online purchase.

Can't you just feel the coziness?

Can’t you just feel the coziness?

I purchased two: the Grey colour and the Blue colour. I can’t wait to put one in each of the spots where they’re constantly being relocated! Hopefully, this will also help the original last longer, since we no longer have to fight over it!

Sadly, I am not a Pottery Barn spokesperson. I wish I were, since so much of my house is covered in it; I’m just a major fan of their classic looks.

What simple pleasures are you obsessed with? Any other amazing blankets I should know about out there?



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  • Reply Megan August 12, 2013 at 15:32

    I have a blanket like that!! Except its suede on the outside and furry on the inside and I got it for my high school graduation! It’s traveled with me everywhere, through college and beyond! Except now it’s starting to smell like feet (and you can’t wash it because its suede) and because it was a gift I don’t know where it came from to replace it… Maybe this PB version will be a good alternative! Can you wash it?

    The point of my telling you about my stinky blanket was to actually say that when I got it I loved it so much and talked about it so much I would say that I wanted to be buried with this blanket and my friends started calling it my “death blanket” it was weird but the name stuck…

    In other news I’m kind of glad your readership has stayed small or else people would probably leave comments about how weird my comments are. Or I’d have to quit leaving such weird comments. Neither really appeals to me.

    • Reply Emily Stewart August 19, 2013 at 15:49

      It is machine washable! and tumble dry low!!! obviously an awesome feature of the most amazing blanket in the world.


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