Throwback Thursday: Megan’s 25th Birthday

August 1, 2013

So recently I finally decided to upload the pictures from my camera (my real camera, not my iphone). I’ve got pictures from as far back as Graham & Sarah’s engagement party, so I figured I would do a series of Throwback Thursday posts until I can finally share what I should have shared a long time ago. Hey, if it’s popular on Instagram, why can’t I do it here?

First up is my dear friend Megan’s birthday party. It took place in late January, but everyone was alerted to her birthday months in advance. I remember discussing Matt’s birthday (which took place a month prior to Megan’s) and having the discussion somehow transform to Megan’s 25th.

She really loves birthdays. We were more than happy to throw her a big party, complete with her favourite people (and some other people were there too. It was cool).


The pictures don’t do it justice. We had around 45 people at the house on Hampton Avenue, with a theme of ‘look fancy, we want to wear sparkly dresses!’ Somewhere throughout the night, we decided pictures would be a great idea, so only the truly loyal were captured.

When you look at the photos, notice the cake and cakepops – our friend Erin is a really amazing baker and she did me the pleasure of creating these little (delicious!) works of art for the evening. She also has a great blog called The Married Appetite, filled with decorating a home and detailing her move to the new city of Richmond, Virginia.

As you look through these photos, please note our terrible photography skills. One thing I want to get better about up here in Alaska is taking good pictures of the things I enjoy. I tend to forget about cameras until the last moment, and then I spend the next day wishing I had photos with those I love doing the things we enjoy.

also, there’s only 6 months until Megan’s 26th – how are we going to celebrate!?



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    Great TBT… More of these please!

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