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DIY: Dog Treat & Leash Holder

October 3, 2013

So I’ve been on a bit of a DIY kick lately. Last week alone I updated an Ikea lamp to something cute, and we finished our table for behind the couch.

Continuing to feel crafty, I decided to make something for the dogs (since they are obviously what my world revolves around). Their gift? A treat and leash holder!

These were my supplies:


Really small supply list, right?

I used scrap wood left over from building the table, which we stained with leftover stain from when we built the table. We also have a ton of mason jars around the house, despite the fact that I’ve never canned anything in my life. (I do enjoy drinking out of them, so that probably explains it).

The only thing I had to purchase was a hose clamp, and a towel hook, both purchased from Home Depot for under $5.

Assembly was super quick, it took less than 20 minutes to do the whole thing!

First, I pre-drilled a hole in my wood (as not to split it), and I pre-drilled a hole in the hose clamp. The hose clamp was a bit tough, and I had to consult with one of my friends who just happens to be the Accessories Product Manager at Ryobi (yeah, I have cool friends. I think jealousy is a reasonable response). He recommended I use a titanium drill bit to get through the metal. (Thanks Nick!)

IMG_3583After securing the hose clamp to the wood, I inserted my mason jar, and tightened the hose clamp. You can use a flathead screw driver, but I used a drill because I am really lazy.

Next up was placing the towel hook. I positioned mine at the bottom, so I could hang other things as well. It also makes it easy to swivel the mason jar to dump treats that may be hanging near the bottom.


Once complete, it was time to fill with treats and hang it up!

IMG_3585We put ours in the garage near the backdoor, so we can make one pit stop in getting their things together for walks and hikes.

While we’re talking about dogs, don’t forget to enter my BarkBox Giveaway, going on until 11 October! BarkBox’s come with treats every month, so your new treat jar will never be empty!



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