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Matt Built a Dog House

November 10, 2013

Just in time for the cold days of winter, Matt has finished a project of building the best dog house you’ve ever seen.


He’s been working on it for a little over a week, and this thing is legit. It’s honestly big enough to house Moose, Sasha, AND Matt (for those nights he’s in the dog house, haha. Clearly, I’m terrible at jokes).

A little perspective on the size

A little perspective on the size

I helped by staining it with a clear coat. Not to brag, but the clear coat looks awesome. 😉 Another smart thing that Matt did was make it to where the roof can be lifted up so we can clean it out and find where Sasha stashes their toys.

IMG_4028 It is filled with hay to keep them warm all winter long!IMG_4029I even helped Matt carry it out from the garage to the backyard – a huge feat for anyone who knows my (lack of) strength. I didn’t have any problems whatsoever helping lift and carry this. I joked with Matt that it is me becoming an Alaskan Woman, him responding “as long as you don’t stop shaving.”

Another thing we’ve purchased for the dogs this winter is a heated waterbowl.

IMG_4016It plugs into the outlet, and warms the bowl so their water never freezes. I am so excited this technology is around, but still can’t believe we live somewhere where it gets so cold. It didn’t really sink in until this week that WE LIVE IN ALASKA. Previously, it just felt like we lived in a chilly south carolina with much bigger mountains. Now it’s really becoming true life.

We got the dog house outside just in time though! You may remember my end of the world post about it snowing yesterday. It actually ended up not snowing really, and just being super icy. There were a ton of news reports about the ice and a lot of accidents on the roads, but when we got up this morning the snow/ice mix had melted and been replaced by snow.

As we were taking the dog house outside though, it started to actually snow.


creepiest smile ever

creepiest smile ever


Luckily, both pups are so fluffy, they didn’t even notice the cold. They just kept playing keep away with their new glow-in-the-dark ball. This toy will be awesome once the darkness starts, so we will hopefully not lose this toy.

We also got our neighbors an early christmas gift: a bark deterrant!

IMG_4037When the dogs bark, it lets out a high-pitched noise that only dogs can hear. It is supposed to startle them and eventually they’ll equate the uncomfortable noise with the barking. They say it takes up to two weeks to train the dogs, but if it works I’m hoping the glares from the neighbors will go away. I know that Sasha & Moose have made it very hard for us to be likeable.

As I type this, the snow is pouring down. In a matter of hours, we have accumulated at least an inch.



We had to go to the grocery to buy food for the week, and it still makes me laugh at how people acted as if the snow was no big deal. Those of you in the South will agree that if they even call for snow, the city basically shuts down! But up here, everyone just makes sure their snow tires are on and their trucks are in 4-wheel drive and continue as usual. I’m a bit worried about acclimating to everyday snow driving.

We were only in the grocery for 20 minutes!

We were only in the grocery for 20 minutes!

It is the perfect night to curl up by the fire with a plate of my Hawaiian BBQ Chicken!

IMG_4041What did you do this weekend? Anyone else experiencing their first winter?






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