So It’s Pretty Cold

November 18, 2013

As I mentioned before, we officially have snow in Anchorage now. One thing that comes with snow (and living at a 61.13 degrees north) is cold weather. Like, super cold weather.

As I type this, it is one degree. ONE. I’m literally wearing my Columbia Omniheat jacket, fleece lined tights, and wool socks as I write this.

Today, the temperature was -8. Once, when I was in Milwaukee for work, the temperature was zero and I was like “wow, zero degrees! that’s so cold!” But I can officially say I have experienced sub-zero temperatures.


IMG_4134 This is how I dressed for work today. My eyes are conveying my contempt for my friends who believe 50 is chilly. I would kill for 50.

To quote Gob Bluth:

IMG_4137I’m only kidding (kind of). Because even though it’s the coldest we’ve ever experienced, Anchorage and Alaska still continues to be an amazing, breathtaking place. The coldest days are also the clearest, so you can see the mountains for miles.

At lunch today, I swung by a park in Wasilla, AK to check out the scenery. This is one of my favorite parks because it’s right along Wasilla Lake, with an amazing view of the mountains behind it. To my amazement, the lake was frozen over. Like, frozen-solid-people-were-walking-on-it frozen. It made me super nervous, because the cold spell only hit last week: how does water freeze that fast?


We’ve also embraced the cold by frequenting the Alaska Ace’s Hockey Games!


My favorite spot to sit is section 117, because the seats are awesome, but there is a group of season ticket holders who bring confetti (!!!!!!) and throw it every time the Aces score!


Most of y’all know about my love of confetti (and Matt’s disdain), so I clearly enjoy the festiveness of it. I’m tempted to bring confetti of my own to the next game….

One nice thing about the cold is it is putting me in a christmas-y mood. I’ve already purchased all of Matt’s gifts, and have plans for what I’m getting my friends. I even wrapped the gifts on the day of the first snow!

IMG_4095I keep begging Matt to put up the Christmas tree, but apparently we have to wait until Thanksgiving is over. This makes me sad, because there is no real way to decorate for Thanksgiving (aside from the Hand Turkeys, which we’ve already made)

Also, I’ve been having a way intense love affair with Instagram. (Follow me, yo! @EmilyinAlaska) For a better day to day (or, lets be honest, hour to hour) update on what The Stewart’s are doing in Anchorage, I post quite frequently.



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