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Wanna Go For a Run?

November 22, 2013

Since moving to Alaska, I feel like we are super active. We’ve always enjoyed hiking, and I’ve always enjoyed the idea of bicycling around town (which I think I did a total of 5 times despite living 1 mile from downtown in Greenville, SC).

But up here, we actually do active stuff. The hiking is amazing, and a great way to allow the dogs to exercise since they can be off leash.

ok, maybe not always off leash

ok, maybe not always off leash

But we now *gasp* run, frequently. I have to admit, I’m having a love affair with running. Since the Big Wildlife Runs 5k I ran on impulse in August, we’ve been going on weekly runs.

The weekly runs are great because it is something we schedule like an appointment: every week on our calendar I pick Matt up from work, we go to Skinny Raven Sports downtown, run a route they design for 3-4 miles, then finish up at McGinley’s pub for beer and pizza rolls (totally healthy way to end a run, I know). The best part about the weekly runs is meeting up with friends to do them – we’ve got a decent size group of friends who we run (ok, run/walk/run – Thanks Jeff Galloway!) with. It’s nice having new people to talk to, catch up with, and laugh with during physical exercise. It makes it, dare i say it?, FUN.

It’s almost become obsessive: I keep reading running blogs to learn about techniques and how to deal with pains (for some reason, my right arch kills me every time) and have just been fascinated by the running community. I claim it’s research to Matt since I’m a committee member for the Big Wildlife Runs, but it has become all I think about.

I also have been on a bit of a racing kick. I’m not terribly fast, so I obviously don’t do them to win. But I am extrinsically motivated, so getting a bib and people cheering makes me want to get out there and try my best. The fact that I get a finishers medal? Hands down the best part. I love it!



Since arriving, I’ve run two races – Big Wildlife Runs 5k and the Frightening 4k, and am registered to run a Turkey Trot 5k next Thursday – along with 1,500 people. I’m also tempted to sign up for a Winter Solstice 5k on December 21st, but am waiting to see the temps before I sign up. This is more runs in 4 months than I’ve done in the past 5 years in the South.

I’ve even got Matt convinced we’re going to start a training plan for a half-marathon in March so we can run an awesome race here in June. who am i?

Since we are in Alaska, I was worried about the snow impeding my running kick. Amazingly, the weather doesn’t stop anyone up here. Alaskans have this amazing quality where they roll everything off their back to continue doing what they love: no matter the cold or weather. They’re like super active post office people. (Ya know, because rain or shine they deliver? Ahh, y’all probably don’t even use mail anymore)


[Image Source]

So we joined in with the snow running: the first time in 15 degree weather, and this week in 1 degree weather. I’d like to state where we are from: Matt – South Carolina, Stephanie – Texas, Bart – Kansas, me – North Carolina. Aside from Bart, the snow is a new experience for us all, but we had a great time running 3.6 miles in a temperature so cold all of our sweat turned to ice.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 9.00.53 PM



Yeah, we’re pretty intense.

What’s your latest obsession?



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    Uncle Jack said your not intense but pretty insane.

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