Wine Wednesday: HooDoo Brewery

November 13, 2013

I know, I know. My wine wednesdays are becoming beer wednesdays. But there are so many great breweries up here, and such delicious craft beer I can’t help but switch to beer!

Recently, I made the trip up to Fairbanks, and while I was there I got the chance to swing by the HooDoo Brewery before catching a late flight back to Anchorage.


First off, the day that I went was also the day of the first snow of the season in Fairbanks! I had to give myself a quick driving lesson, trying to frantically recall all of the things my father taught me during the rare ice storms back in the Carolina’s. Luckily, I made it out alive, with only a bit of tension in my neck, but no scratches or accidents on me or the car!

So HooDoo Brewery: It just celebrated it’s one year anniversary in Fairbanks, so it is a relatively young brewery, so the selection was kind of small.

IMG_3970But that didn’t stop them from having a delicious beer menu!


I sampled 3 from their line:

I sampled the German Kolsch, American IPA, and Extra Pale Ale. They were all good, but the Extra Pale Ale was awesome! It was flavorful, with a little bit of sass, but not too sassy? Clearly I am an expert at describing beer flavors. Let’s just say it was so good, I was considering buying a growler of it to take home to Matt.

IMG_3964The tasting area was nicely decorated, with an industrial feel which I love. The tables were gigantic cable spools, and they had cool decorations. My favorite was a globe (like we didn’t all know about my obsession with maps).

I know everyone thinks Alaska is far away, but I don’t think anyone really realizes how far away it is from the Lower 48 – it’s not a short drive by any means! For example, Fairbanks is an 8 hour drive from Anchorage…. and Fairbanks isn’t even halfway across the state!

Note my awesome finger pointing skills

Note my awesome finger pointing skills

Anyways, the beer is delicious. I definitely want to drink more, so I’m hoping it will start showing up in Anchorage or that we can take a trip back to Fairbanks to try some beer and check out the Chena Hot Springs (uuh, hot springs, aurora borealis, and snow. What’s not to love?)

On another beer related note, Alaska has a lot of amazing craft breweries up here. So Matt & I have decided one of our Alaska Living goals is to go to every brewery in Alaska. I plan on dedicating a post to list the different breweries, as well as when we go to them and how we like them. I can’t wait to share this beer-venture with y’all!






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