Jingle Bell 5k

December 14, 2013

So today I ran in a 5k. I impulsively signed up for it on Tuesday because I saw a lot of people talking online about races they were running in so I wanted to run in one.

At the time of sign up, the week has been in the 30s (so basically an Alaskan heat wave) and I felt great running.

Then last night it snowed. Quite a bit… 8″ at my house.


So I was not excited to run today. Add in the fact that Sasha was a nightmare last night (by that I mean howling at 4am for no reason and peeing in the house after she had just been outside), I was in no mood to run.

But since I had paid $30, I put on my big girl panties and went to the race.


About 500 people showed up, many decked out in holiday apparel. Seeing everyone dressed up lifted my mood, so I felt happier.

Then we started running. Since so much snow had come down, and it was still snowing, the city hadn’t paved the trail yet. Running on several inches of snow is like running on dry sand. It’s tough, my footing was unstable, and I went slow as molasses. I ended up pacing myself with a woman named Linda, who was nice enough to share with me her favourite places to snowshoe in Anchorage. It was nice to distract from the tough terrain with nice conversation, and we sprinted to the finish together.
Yay team Emily&Linda! BFFs since mile marker 1!

The trail was also beautiful, winding through Goose Lake Park.



At the end of the run, people were cheering and they had a Holiday Cheer Garden (read beer garden!) serving local Alaskan beers. Which we all know I can’t turn down.

Ahh, drinking a beer by a fire as it snows outside.


Now it’s time to head up to wasilla to pick up some furniture I bought. Yay!

Hope y’all are having a warm and happy Saturday!



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  • Reply Lori December 14, 2013 at 12:32

    Good for you Emily!!

  • Reply G-Mac December 14, 2013 at 15:29

    After reading this post I feel as though I ran this 5k with you.

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