Obessed!: Holiday Treats

December 30, 2013

This Christmas, Santa was good to me. and by Santa, I mean Matt, our families, and our friends. I got more than I needed and the fact that I have such important people in my life who I care about means I really didn’t need anything at all.

But I got some awesome stuff that I really wanted to share with you!

Personalized Bobblehead 

It has always been a small dream of mine to be immortalized in bobble head form. I feel all of the best people have them: Big Tex of Texas State Fair fame, every professional athlete, and so many famous movie stars. Obama and Charlie Sheen even have bobble heads, so why not me?

This was the one thing I asked Matt for that I honestly did not expect to get. So you can imagine my joy at unwrapping a little, bobbly, big headed me!

IMG_4671It looks just like me!!!! ahhhhh!!!! I keep it on my desk (and then I move it to my dresser, and then our fireplace mantle, and then back to my desk) and have so much fun making my head bobble. This may amuse me way more than it should. But I’m a big fan. 1000 brownie points to Matt for making this happen.

Graceship Laptop Bag | buy it here

Graceship is a small company started by a woman who had the same problem we all do: lack of a cute laptop bag. Let’s face it, all the bags out there seem to be made for men, and then given horrible girly colors to make them ‘ladies bags’. Nope, I’m not buying it. I wanted a laptop bag that could double as a handbag/work bag that I would feel feminine carrying around.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 8.25.02 PMThis is lovely, sturdy, and big enough to carry my laptop and pharmacy samples for work in it. I’m so excited to use it, I’m actually looking forward to work resuming in January! (Oh wow, now I’m that weird person ready to get back to work).

Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch | buy it here

As some of you know, I have been having a love affair with running and physical activity. Little do they tell you, working out gives you energy and makes you fit and happy (who knew?).

So I’ve been trying to find an app help me track everything, but its hard because when it gets cold here, my iPhone tends to shut off (usually any long exposure below 10 degrees).

Matt heard my woes (yay, he does listen!) surprised me with this bad boy in my stocking. IMG_4670

Not only does it have a lot of settings and help me follow my Run-Walk-Run Galloway Method, but when I sync it to my computer it does so much more.

It allows me to sync all of my activities: running, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, snowboarding – everything. I can set goals, training calendars, and it will help me improve on what I’m doing. Best part: no more freezing iPhone. It makes me want to go out and do active things so I can see everything it can do.

Wine Pairing Towel Set | buy it here

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 8.39.26 PMIn our house, we pair wine with everything. Movies, binge sessions of Breaking Bad, and spending time with friends. So you can imagine my excitement at now knowing how to pair it with food! I plan on these being functional as towels and wine guides.

Tiger Mountain Vineyard Rabun Red | where to buy (sorry anyone outside of Georgia)

Speaking of wine, I’ve been missing my favorite. This vineyard is less than a mile from our cabin in Georgia, and while I thought I had stocked up sufficiently before our move to Alaska, I ran out quickly. While Matt was in the South, I asked him to buy me some so I could once again taste the wonderful flavors of this juice. Matt was able to fit six bottles into his suitcase for the long flights home, and I am so grateful to him for it.IMG_4613

(Also, we are already down to three bottles, if anyone wants to send some up to us)

Smashmouth Tickets (In concert y’all!) | get yours here

This was actually my gift to Matt, but since I bought two tickets, it’s kind of also a gift to me. We get to go see one of the bands that defined the 90’s. Live, in concert. In Alaska.

IMG_4558And they told us Alaska doesn’t get good stuff.

Smashmouth is coming to remind us all about ‘walking on the sun’ and teach us how to be ‘all-stars’ while jamming out at one of our favorite spots in Anchorage: The Beartooth Theatre Pub. We’re going with several of our friends on January 2nd, so there is still time to buy a ticket and come join us. I may even make Matt wear some Jnco jeans and a puca shell necklace, just to really throwback to the era.


What were some of your best gifts this holiday? I can’t wait to hear!







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