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A Wonderful Sunday in January

January 26, 2014

Today was another beautiful day in Anchorage, by most standards. The temps were in the high 40s, the sky was a beautiful kind of blue, and there was a light breeze about town. All of the snow is melted off our back deck, and we are starting to see grass show through where the snow has melted.

I’m not going to lie: if this were April, I would be happy with this. But it’s the middle of January. We’ve been experiencing temps above freezing for almost two weeks now, and I can count at least 5 days where my car told me it was above 40 degrees F.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 9.53.04 PM

Where is the 6 feet of snow I was promised? As a new resident of Alaska, I was pumped about all the snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and igloo building I was under the impression I could participate in. The Carolinas (where we moved from!) is being hit with plenty of cold weather, and I’m a bit jealous. I have no reason to wear my fur hat or Columbia omni-heat ski pants in 40 degree temps – it’s just silly.

Luckily, it looks like the snow will come back to us a little on January 31st (c’mon weather channel, don’t fail me now!). Coincidentally, it’s my dear friend Megan’s birthday, so hopefully my gift to her will be taking away all of her cold weather in Atlanta and returning it to its rightful place in Alaska.

Anyways, even though the weather we’ve been having isn’t what I want, it was a gorgeous day outside and my friend Stephanie and I didn’t feel like we could waste it sitting inside. We decided to head up to Earthquake Park on the northwest side of town and stroll along the Coastal Trail.

We ended up casually strolling a little over 4 miles, all the while on the lookout for Moose (their poop was very prevalent today and Stephanie had a run-in with one the day prior while out for a run).

One thing I love about this part of the Coastal trail is it’s proximity to the airport: it’s the perfect place to watch planes take off and land. They look so close you almost feel like you can touch them!

IMG_5043 IMG_5045

It also offers a perfect view of the city over the Knik Arm. I love this view of Anchorage because to me it looks like someone said “yes, let’s just drop a city here” without showing the roads to connect it. It always reminds me of how close Anchorage is to the mountains: it can sometimes be easy to forget (especially on foggy days) that we’re in Alaska surrounded by enormous mountains and wilderness.IMG_5048

Today ended up being a perfect day for a walk though: with the unseasonably warm temperatures I was able to break out my capri yoga pants (shown’ off them ankles!) and only had to wear a light jacket on top. It was nice to take a break from two layers of pants and scarves and earmuffs.IMG_5050While I spent my day strolling around beautiful Anchorage, Matt was in Charlotte competing with his BFF Byron in the Charlotte Startup Weekend competition. Their project, NextStep Analytics came in Second Place tonight, judged by a panel of people who know stuff about startups. It’s a huge thing for them, and I am so proud of how much they’ve accomplished and how great they did! It takes a lot of guts and a whole lot of smarts to come up with a project like theirs and place so high their first year at the competition. My husband’s a genius! (#humblebrag)

To conclude this sunday night article about my day, I just want to say can we all talk about how good Taylor Swift’s hair looked during her Grammy performance tonight? The head banging was a little much, but it looks like she cut her hair and I like the way the layers fell.


I may need to take this picture in when I get my hair cut next month, because the girl is working’ those layers. Bravo Taylor. Congrats on your awesome hair.






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  • Reply Megan January 28, 2014 at 06:36

    Yessssssss!!! Love the card!! You know how highly I think of my birthday!

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