Drinks With A Friend in Seattle

January 25, 2014

So I just got back (literally Friday Night at 9pm) from a 4 day work trip in Seattle, WA. It was my first time to Seattle (surprising to me as well), and I’ve got some friends from college that live there that I wanted to meet up with.

On my only free night, I was able to meet up with our friend Ryan, who is a native Washingtonian (did I just make up that phrase?) and a Seattle resident. He was in Matt’s fraternity at Clemson, and he & Matt lived together with a few other guys at their fraternity’s party house. Needless to say, he’s awesome.

So after I finish with work, I make my way over to the light rail shuttle into downtown seattle.

IMG_4993It was only $5.50 for a roundtrip ticket from the SEA airport to downtown seattle! To put that in perspective, the hotel told me a taxi would be closer to $65 each way. Yeah, i definitely am a fan of public transit.

The ride was pleasant and the train was very clean: it only took 30 minutes to get to the Westlake stop, right in the heart of a shopping area.

Once I got off the train, I headed toward the Capitol Hill neighborhood to meet up with Ryan. On my way, I got to pass the first Nordstrom!

Due to my lack of self-control, I did not step in any shops.

Due to my lack of self-control, I did not step in any shops.

After a roughly one mile walk uphill, I finally made it to the Capitol Hill district. Note to self: my cute Nine West flats are terrible for long distance walking.

IMG_4997The first place we hit was a bar & cafe called Oddfellows. I loved this place because it looked a little bit like a speakeasy, and had a lot of vintage charm.

IMG_4999 IMG_5001I loved this place, because I got to drink prosecco out of fancy Gatsy-style champagne glasses. this glass style has been on my list of things to buy, and I was reminded why as we caught up over drinks.

IMG_4998Along with the check came postcards featuring the bar, which I love. I immediately wrote a note on one for Matt to send him. Ahh, little humble brags about travel adventures.

After Oddfellows, we went to a restaurant called Quinn’s for real food. A few words to describe the food: amazing. outstanding. delectable. yummy.

There were so many good things on the menu, we ended up getting an assortment and doing a family style thing. We had salted cod fritters, crispy chicken brest and confit thigh with farro, and one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time. We paired them with local craft beers, and it was an amazing feast.

Following Quinn’s, we went to Ryan’s favorite spot: Artusi. It’s close to his house, and he even has a drink named after him: Signorie Mitro!

IMG_5006His signature drink knocks the socks off you, but tasted delicious. I ended up with a glass of champagne (hey, it’s one of my new years resolutions to celebrate things more, and I was celebrating seeing an old friend!)

It was really great to see him and catch up with him, it’s the first time I’ve gotten to see him since he graduated and left South Carolina in 2009. Since he’s an avid skier, I told him he HAS to come up to Anchorage (once we get more snow and these 40 degree days go away) and ski at Alyeska with us Matt. I also promised to bring Matt down to Seattle for a weekend, since it is literally the closet big American city to Anchorage (and only a 4 hour flight!)

One of the best parts about this night though? Getting to FaceTime with Matt & the dogs on the train ride home.

IMG_5007 IMG_5009

When was the last time you got to see old friends? I love traveling because it gives you a chance to see those who have moved away, and take in new experiences with new (or old!) friends!








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