The First Concert I Attend in Alaska: Smashmouth!!!

January 4, 2014

So if you’ll remember, one of the things that was in Matt’s Christmas stocking were Smashmouth Tickets for January 2nd. I was so glad that he was just as excited as I was about going.ticketssss The concert took place at one of the places we like most in Anchorage: the Bear Tooth Theatrepub. It’s a delicious restaurant/movie theatre/concert venue where you can eat pizza, drink beer from their own brewery, and enjoy a film or concert. It’s also incredibly affordable, so we love this place.

Smashmouth came as part of a concert series called First Tap, where I believe they premier beer for the first time (the beer at this event being featured was Cheechokoholic, a brown ale plus cocoa). I didn’t actually drink it because I like their Bear Tooth Ale a lot and I tend not to mess with perfection.bear toothBecause we are now getting old (I mean, everyone but me was 26!) we had to drink a beer quickly to wake ourselves up for the 9pm opening act: The Sweetners. They were a typical rock band: loud, couldn’t really understand the lyrics, but energetic as all get out!sweetnersSo I keep saying “we.” In attendance at the concert was myself, Matt, and our friends Erin S., Erin O., Stephanie P., and Jason O. Below you will see one of the most unflattering pictures of myself that I will allow to be posted online. The shirt is really flattering from the front?IMG_4774Smashmouth came on at 10pm, and they did not fail to disappoint! They played a lot of their classic hits we all know, along with some of their newer music. The band was clearly having a good time, and the crowd was really getting into.
smashmouth90s Emily loved it: I got to sing along with all of the songs I knew, and picked up lyrics quickly to the ones I didn’t. I had a blast dancing around with the girls and Matt even joined in the dancing (just a little).

One thing that was cool is that obviously, it was their first concert of 2014, but they were also celebrating 20 years as a band! I’m telling you, most of the concert goers, like me, grew up with Smashmouth on our radios and in our Walkmans. I can’t think of a single person who didn’t have the album Astro Lounge. (If you’re thinking to yourself “emily I didn’t have it” then clearly we weren’t meant to be friends)
IMG_4783 Matt & Jason: Fangirling with the best of them. Also: plaid.IMG_4786Throughout the concert there was this guy who kept making heart hands and the rocker hands at the band. We found it hilarious and had to reenact the motions… just as the guy saw us taking the picture. whoops!
IMG_4801Overall, the concert was an awesome experience. We were joking that Alaska is so far behind, bands from the 90s are just making their way up here, but really it was so much fun singing along with a band that defined middle school and the start of high school. Now I just need Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, and *Nsync to come up here and my life would be complete.

One of the best parts was their closer: All Star is one of the songs that I think everyone best associates with Smashmouth and it was the number one song I was looking forward to hearing when I bought the tickets. I got a bit nervous because they ended the concert, came back and did an encore and I still hadn’t heard it!

They kept taking a lot of drum solo breaks and cool live music things, but I was so nervous they wouldn’t play it!

So I tweeted my fear, and the guitarist in the band tweeted back. Then we chatted through twitter on Friday about it. (by chatted, I mean, two more tweets occurred).

Below is a picture of their set list that I took from the Beartooth theatre pubs Facebook page! Great list, am I right?

Beartooth Smashmouth SetlistWhat would be your dream 90’s concert? I gotta say, Smashmouth was an awesome show!




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