DIY: Wine Box Endtables

July 2, 2014


Hello! Currently I’m down in Tiger, Georgia spending some time at a getaway cabin Matt & I bought back in 2012 before we even considered moving thousands of miles away to Alaska. The cabin is one of our favorite places, and used to be our weekend getaway with Sasha. Since we are quite far now, we always detour here any time we come to the south for any reason (I was down for the weekend to see some adorable friends get married).

One of my favorite things about Tiger is that our favorite vineyard is less than 2 miles from our cabin: the Tiger Mountain Vineyard! (The proximity is one of the reasons why I loved the cabin so much)

When we were decorating our cabin, we tried to find ways to incorporate the local parts of the area into a 600 sq. foot room. We were obviously pressed for space, so we came up with a great idea for end tables that don’t take up a lot of space, provide storage, and reflect the local area! See below for the easiest instructions ever.

Step 1: purchase wine boxes. We got ours from Tiger Mtn Vineyard, because duh, we love them and they’re our neighbors. (Don’t worry, if you can’t find your own, Tiger Mtn Vineyards sells them on their website here for $30/each)

IMG_7910Step 2: Attach to wall. We used a standard shelf bracket from home depot, centered on the box base. For height, we put it at the same level as the pillow. (Similar bracket found here)


Voila! You now have the most wine-centric end table ever! I love ours because they’re big enough for all the things we need: phone & charger, alarm clock, flashlight, and multiple books! What else do you need at a cabin in the woods?





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