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DIY: World Map

October 12, 2014


A few weeks back, I posted on Instagram a world map I made so that I could put map pins in all of the places Matt & I have travelled together.


This was a replacement for my large scale wall decal, since the wall decal had to come down. Unfortunately, textured walls are a ‘thing’ here in Alaska (literally, every house I’ve been in here has them), and the decal didn’t look as perfect as I wanted. It also had a difficult time sticking completely.

So, I decided to do something a little different. This was super easy and affordable – it cost me less than $40 for all of the materials!

Items I bought:

  • A 24″ x 36″ Corkboard (buy it here)
  • A World Map (I got this one and love it! It’s so shiny!)
  • Map pins (buy them here)

It was literally the simplest thing ever: I used an exacto knife to cut the map to fit exactly, and them stapled it into the cork.

Another option that would be a little bit more work would be to order a 24″ x 36″ frame and a cork board separately. This would allow you to place the map on the cork, and then lay the frame over it, eliminating the need to cut the map. Your choice.

Now the toughest part for me was remembering all of the places Matt and I have been! We’ve been to 10 countries together, and several states, so it was also a nice trip down memory lane to put the map pins in.

Overall, I am a big fan of the finished project. We’ve got it hanging in our office so I get to see it whenever I enter the room! 20141012_202545

What cities are you most excited to pin on a map? I loved remembering Beijing, Berlin, and San Juan!



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  • Reply Michael Lussier October 12, 2014 at 21:58

    Emily this is a great idea. When I get back to the states, I will be making this piece.

    Thank you for sharing!

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