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Moose in the ‘hood & Sunday Hikes

November 11, 2014

Hello! It’s been a while since I blogged. My deepest apologies.

But life in Alaska has been busy! But Melvin has returned and our Sunday hikes are so beautiful I just HAD to share it with you!

So Melvin is our neighborhood moose. I named him. He may have a name bestowed upon him by his moose mother, but I know him as Melvin.


Melvin is ginormous. He weighs about 900 lbs. and loves to eat my flowers and all of the spruce tips off of the trees. 20141102_164553

He also likes to eat the neighbors bushes. We find it hilarious. Our neighbor has a beautiful and pristine yard that is never disturbed. Except by Melvin.

Yesterday Melvin gave me quite a scare. When I came home from work, he was hanging on our street. I stopped at the end to give him berth. AND HE CHARGED!20141110_143441

Moose run really fast (I mean, look at those long legs). Luckily, Mel stopped short. 20141110_143443Once he came close enough to see me, he stopped and gave me a chill head nod and was like “you’re cool. c’mon in to the ‘hood. have a good time.” So that was super exciting! Seriously, one of the best parts of living in Alaska is the proximity to wildlife.

Have you ever seen a pumpkin left on a porch in Alaska?20141108_185235They don’t last long. The moose eat them!!

Aside from fan-girling over the wildlife, we’ve been continuing our weekly ritual of long hikes with the pups.

It’s been crazy to see the change in scenery over the past few weeks, with the snow falling. It makes trails we’ve wandering 100 times seem brand new.

Sasha is still finding every body of water possible to walk through – although it’s getting quite difficult. Her favorite stream was actually frozen over and she was able to walk on it!20141109_142104 With the cold weather has come amazing views – this one of a trail overlooking Anchorage was awesome.20141109_134900 20141109_135053 I tried to take a photo of Matt & the dogs with the mountains in the background, and Moose came running up to me when I crouched in the snow to get the angle I wanted.20141109_133943 20141102_111256 I also got new boots! I love my grey Hunters, but they only fit properly with leggings. Now that it’s cold, I want to layer jeans and fleece liners, and it just didn’t fit. So, I ordered the Hunter Adjustable Back boots for the extra space in the calf (up to 17″ versus 15″). I have been so pleased with this purchase!20141102_110816 20141102_110707 20141102_110612On another note, I upgraded my phone to the Samsung Galaxy S5, and am LOVING the picture quality!






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