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Race Recap: 2014 Turkey Trot

November 29, 2014

Something I’ve grown to love doing each year is the Turkey Trot race. It is the original theme race (hello! pilgrims, indians, turkeys – you see it all on the course!), and something is to be said about getting together with 2000 other people who decided a morning run was the best way to make the thanksgiving feast more enjoyable.

Stephanie and I signed up again shortly after registration opened, and this year I coaxed Matt into doing it with us as well. Per usual, we met up with Lindsey and Bethany at the starting line.



There were several big changes this year: a new route and a new finish location. The new route was nice because it was now one loop through town, versus two around the park strip.

The new finish location was awesome: the race finished INSIDE of the Convention Center!

Pre-race! Participants got to keep warm inside before and after the race this year!

Pre-race! Participants got to keep warm inside before and after the race this year!

The race also seemed to start late, with an 11am start time. The temperature was a lot warmer than last year – Thursday was a nice 21 degrees (I’m still impressed a girl from Carolina can say that sentence seriously), with some sun out to warm a little bit. There was also still no snow on the ground – c’mon Alaska! – so I didn’t even stud my shoes.

Matt, Stephanie & I got to the race around 10:30, so we milled around and took pictures with people running the race dressed as turkeys!

This kid was clearly thrilled.

This kid was clearly thrilled.

Proof Matt ran the race

Proof Matt ran the race

When the race started at 11, the five of us lined up together. Matt immediately took off, using the cold as a motivator to finish quickly. Stephanie was aiming to set a PR, so she moved at a quick clip as well. Lindsey, Bethany & I took our time enjoying the race and chatting the whole time. Lindsey is the cross-country coach for one of the high schools, and her XC team was stationed all around the course as volunteers directing runners as a way to raise funds. It was so fun to see all of her kids get excited and cheer “Go Coach Lindsey!” when we ran by them.

Matt ran so fast: a 28:20 5k! I was so impressed, especially considering he was a bit hung over from the previous night’s party. Stephanie finished in 30:57, beating her goal of a 31 minute 5k!

I was running just to enjoy, but impressed myself by running the whole thing without stopping. This is a big deal, because I typically utilize the Run Walk Run method, and will stop running to walk a bit when my knee or shin feel some pain. For this race, I powered through and realized the tension will go away. I think I could have beaten last years time if I would have given it a little bit more go, since I didn’t feel tired crossing the finish line. Lindsey, Bethany & I decided to Turkey Gobble our way across the finish line together, finishing in a 35:35.


It was such a nice way to start the holiday weekend, and so much fun to spend time with my girlfriends, since I didn’t get to see them the rest of the weekend.



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  • Reply Thanksgiving 2014 in Alaska | Emily in Alaska November 29, 2014 at 11:55

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  • Reply kristenk December 7, 2014 at 15:08

    Hey! I ran this race too and finished just around the same time as you! Congrats on running the whole time (and tell your friends that their costumes were awesome!).

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