Celebrating the Holidays in Alaska

December 19, 2014

Christmas is less than a week away, and even though we don’t have really ANY snow in Anchorage right now, we’re still finding ways to get into the holiday spirit!

We’ve been so fortunate to make great friends and be able to celebrate them this time of year – it makes the long, dark nights a bit brighter knowing we have fun plans with people.

Here’s how I’ve been getting into the holiday spirit:

My friend Stephanie hosted her annual Cookie Exchange and Decorating Party, and it was a blast!

cookie party

Everyone had to bring cookies to share (I brought these amazing peanut butter balls), and Stephanie had made several dozen sugar cookies to decorate. I had the tendency to eat as I decorated, so I had to do some improvements to my cookies.

the poor snowman never saw it coming

the poor snowman never saw it coming

After decorating, eating delicious food, and drinking Stephanie’s holiday elixir, we ended up chatting on the couch about the holidays and life until close to midnight. It was so much fun to have some girl’s only time and really relax, especially with work being stressful this time of the year. Everyone ended up taking home a great bounty of sweets!

cookie tin


Matt and I both attended a White Elephant Christmas Brunch the next day, hosted by our friend Erin. This year had a ton more people than last years, but the food was amazing and the company was great. Matt got so excited when National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation was put on tv!

white elephant


My favorite thing that I’ve done this holiday season is VISITING THE NORTH POLE!

outside santa

I had to go to Fairbanks for work one last time in 2014, and just outside of Fairbanks is a town called North Pole. My friend Lauren was on the same flight, so we got to hang out when we were both done seeing clients. She’s just as big a fan of touristy things as I am, so we excitedly went to Santa’s house!

While there, I got to mail out my holiday cards to everyone! I’m so excited, since the postage will say it CAME FROM THE NORTH POLE!!!!

mailing cards

holiday cardsLauren bought Authentic letter’s from Santa to send to the children of some of her friends – I wrote the names on the letter’s so it would seem more magical and since my handwriting wouldn’t be familiar to them. (Kids are going to find out Santa has sloppy handwriting)

Santa takes Monday’s and Tuesday’s off (sad), so we didn’t get to see Santa, but we did get to sit in his chair!

santas chair

I also sent a postcard to myself before we left: I love getting physical mail, and postcards are easy keepsakes since they’re flat and conveniently have the date and location. Best memento’s ever!

I wrote to myself "Congrat's on visiting Buddy the Elf's hometown!"

I wrote to myself “Congrat’s on visiting Buddy the Elf’s hometown!”

I also got to pretend to be Santa and ride in an ice sleigh…

I didn't get too far.

I didn’t get too far.


Also in North Pole is the world’s LARGEST Santa Statue. We fangirled.


I head back South next week to spend Christmas with family, and while I’m sad to be leaving Alaska, it will be a nice break from the darkness and the cold.  I can’t wait to tell you all about our caribbean christmas vacation in St. Thomas, USVI!

How have you been getting into the holiday spirit?




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