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For Your Holiday Travel Considerations…

December 21, 2014

Holiday travel sucks.

Especially going from Alaska to, well, pretty much anywhere. I will leave Anchorage next week at 12:05am Alaska time, and land in Charlotte at 9:00pm EST. With 3 flights. Not to mention the 4 hour flight to St. Thomas. So that’s 21 hours of travel time right there, not including the return flight.


I try to entertain myself when I fly, but not all of the airlines or airplanes have the free movies, and sometimes I just don’t want to watch them. So in my preparation for travel, I’ve been compiling a list of things to entertain you during your travel this holiday season – whether you’re crossing the world or driving one town over.

1. The Serial Podcast.



This podcast has taken over my ears for the past week. My friend Megan recommended it and when I finally started listening to it, I couldn’t stop. It takes an in-depth look at the murder of a high school girl in 1999, and explores the holes in the case and works to find who did it. There are 12 episodes, ranging between 20 to 55 minutes long, so it’s ideal for long car rides (I listened to it during my drive to and from the Valley this week) or plane rides.




I went to the library to check out some audio books to upload to my phone for my flights home, and the librarian showed me this: Many libraries across the nation have subscriptions to this so you can download the app, log in to your library, and access e-books and audiobooks from your device. I downloaded A Death in Belmont, but they have so many more selections. You can download the ebooks and audiobooks to your phone, and stream without wifi or data.


3. Taylor Swift’s 1989 Album



I’m obsessed with this album. I know it’s not new, but I can’t stop jamming to it weeks after it’s release. I like the way it tells a story, and it’s swedish pop beats and catchy lyrics make it the perfect soundtrack to cheer you up during travel delays and traffic.


4. iTunes Movie Store



For your visual needs, may I recommend renting a movie online. I like the iTunes move store because you can rent and download, then watch later without an internet connection: perfect for air travel when you’ve seen every episode of How I Met Your Mother already. They also have great new titles, so you get to see some of the latest releases.


How do you entertain yourself during a long travel day? Is anyone commuting farther than me for Christmas?



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