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January 23, 2015


Since Matt & I have been sharing an office, it’s been a constant battle to try to keep my workspace at the level of neatness that Matt is used to.

Since my day job uses my home as my base location, and I’m constantly on my computer for my work with Big Wild Life Runs, and for real estate, and for running this blog, I spend a lot of time in this office.

To help separate work and play hours in the same space, I keep separate notebooks to jot down different things, and try to only work on personal items at the end of the day (although the lunchtime blog post does get written occasionally).



I’ve been working to make my desk more inviting so that I want to sit down at it and focus, versus bringing my laptop into the living room and having ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ and a comfy couch distract me. Here are some of my favorite things about my workspace!


Zebra Pillow (Nordstrom) | Lydia Chair (World Market)

Having a comfortable place to sit while toiling away at my desk is vital – this chair is so comfortable that I can sometimes lose track of how long I’ve been sitting! Having a pillow in my chair always cheers me up before I sit down, and provides cozy back support while I work.



Be Awesome Today Notebook (Motto) | MacBook Air (Apple)

I’m a big fan of jotting down my thoughts and keeping my to-do lists on a physical sheet of paper. Call me old-fashioned, but I can’t handle my task list being in my phone or computer – it is much more satisfying using pen to cross out a task once done! This ‘Be Awesome Today’ notebook has a fun quote embossed in gold on the front, helping get me in the right frame of mind to tackle what I need to for the day!

That being said, without my computer I wouldn’t be able to Google, blog, or watch Hulu (shameless addict here!). I bought the MacBook Air because of how light it is, and how easy it is to pack. I travel quite a bit, and a tablet just doesn’t give me the range of activity that my laptop does. This is small and simple to throw in a tote or my handbag without adding weight to my belongings!




Christy NaMee Eriksen ‘Worrying’ Art Print (Kindred Post)

I love art, and the feelings it evokes. When I saw this signed & numbered print in Juneau saying “Worrying about it is a teeny bit boring for me” it reminded me how often I worry about things I can’t control. The artist illustrates things her son says to her, and the whole series is quite adorable and filled with happy phases.

How do you create your happy work space? What motivates you to knock out your to-do list?



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