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Hello 2015!

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! Hopefully your celebrations last night weren’t too debaucherous! Here in Alaska, we were the second to last time zone to celebrate the welcoming into 2015, meaning I got to see a million photos of fireworks and even more Instagram posts of people celebrating – so it really felt like an all day occasion!

How did Matt & I celebrate, you ask?

The eve of New Years (December 31st) we were kind of lame – we both worked and ran errands. We’re still on St. Thomas time (5 hours ahead of Alaska) so we woke up at 4am – leading to a long day!

For the evening, our friend Steph threw a party at her place downtown. I was so excited to go to a house party because
1) There aren’t a ton of bars downtown, and last year they were PACKED. A gala was out of the question as there aren’t many in Alaska, and open bars aren’t legal so you’d have to pay for drinks ON TOP of the admission. No.
and 2) house parties mean I don’t have to wear as many layers! I literally just have to be warm enough to get from the car to the house and then I can ditch my jacket and shoes in the entry way. Yes.

We got to see a lot of our friends that we hadn’t seen in like, a week, so there was so much to catch up on and hear about everyone’s holidays!

& Gentlemen



& Ladies

I felt so tan, coming back to Alaska from vacation and was excited to wear a dress to show it off. (Don’t mind me – just being Kristin Cavallari on the Laguna Beach episode where only Kristin wears white to a black & white party.)

Since Matt and I were (and kind of still are!) on Island Time, we had to bail at 11pm to go home and get some sleep. But we made it to East Coast new years, so it still counts right?

This morning, January 1st, we woke up early (7:00 for the win!) and made breakfast before taking the dogs on a hike up on the hillside. Our house still has no snow (temps in the 40s for NYE), but we knew it was snowing up the mountains.

It was so refreshing to be in snow again! And man, was it coming down! The dogs were so excited to run and play, and get into all sorts of things.

nyd hike

After a two mile hike, we headed to Snow City for a late lunch, and then home to watch The Interview on Amazon Prime.

I love the fact that Sony released it to Video On Demand – I’m far too fidgety to go to the movie theatre, and there was nothing better then curling up with Matt & the dogs to watch a typical Seth Rogen / James Franco comedy. The movie was pretty funny – exactly what I thought it would be. Well worth the $6 rental.

It was a great day and enjoyable way to enter into a new year. We spent time writing down our goals for 2015, and planning our upcoming vacation (more about where we’re going next later!).

How did you ring in the new year? Were you lame like us, or did you party the night away?



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