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The Stew’s Drink Brews: King St. Brewery

January 4, 2015

Cheers! It’s time for another segment of The Stew’s Drink Brews! Our chance to justify why we go to so many breweries: so we can share the experience with you!

We had a special guest join us for TSDB this time, our friend Jason. Jason used to live in Anchorage, but moved to Seattle. Now he comes up to Anchorage for slope rotation. (slope rotation is when an employee will go work on the north slope for a 2 – 3 week time period, and then have 2 – 3 weeks off. When you’re on the slope, you work long hours, but off the slope you essentially have half a year of vacation!)

Unfortunately, this may be one of Jason’s last rotations, because there is talk of him rotating to the oil fields in North Dakota instead. 🙁 Because of this, I wanted to take him somewhere he’d never been in Anchorage: The King St. Brewery!


We got to the brewery around 2 in the afternoon on a very sunny and very cold Saturday (seriously, the temps were in the teens).

King St. is located in an industrial part of Anchorage (which I find is a trend for most of the breweries here in Alaska), so when we were driving up Matt kept thinking we were going to the wrong place. Nah man, I know where my breweries are.

beer wall

When you enter the brewery, you’re immediately greeted by a wall of beer choice! They keep six standards on tap, with two seasonals. We chose to do 3 flights where we got to try all of the six, plus our choice of the seasonal.



While sampling the delicious beers, we ranked our favorites and caught up on each others holiday vacations. The boys also started to plan their two-day vacation for when Jason gets back from the rotation, I heard a lot about snowboarding at Alyeska. I said I would partake in the hot cocoa at the ski lodge. I’m better at post-skiing anyways.


Once we finished our samplers, we talked about our favourite of the beers.

Emily’s Pick: Blonde Ale & the India Pale Ale
Matt’s Pick: Hefeweizen & the India Pale Ale
Jason’s Pick: Stout & the India Pale Ale

When we were trying the seasonal beers, we got some interesting tastes. The Old Ale tasted like molasses, and was really smooth. The Oaked Winter Warmer was brewed in a Jack Daniels’ barrel so it actually tasted like a Jack & Coke (weird sensation in a beer – but I didn’t hate it).


There was good conversation and good friends, which I think is most important for a brewery tasting. A chance to catch up is always nice. The tasting area at King St. had lots of tables and chairs, and it was packed the whole time we were there with other groups of friends sharing beer, filling growlers, and laughing. What a great way to start a new year!


You can follow along on all of our TSDB adventures with the hashtag #TheStewsDrinkBrews on Instagram!



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