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The Stew’s Go To China: Street Food Snakes, Starfish, & Scorpions

January 9, 2015

So while we were in China, we definitely got out of our comfort zone in regards to food. We ate a lot of things we wouldn’t normally have considered to eat.

Some of the strangest things though, we saw at the Wangfujing Street Vendors in the Dongcheng District of Beijing.

The street market we went to is a very popular one in Beijing, right near a major shopping area so they see a huge amount of tourists. I’d actually say everyone that was at the vendor carts were tourists of some kind – be them foreign or visiting from rural China.


The way that it worked was you would point at which food you wanted, and then you could haggle the price (such a weird experience – haggling for the cost of a dead snake). Once a price had been decided and paid, they took your chosen food and dipped it in their deep fryer.

Vendor2 Because all of the food was deep-fried, it made it very easy to eat. As I’ve learned from countless county fairs, fried foods all take on the same taste once their coated in that greasy, outer shell.



Did I mention the options? There were so many things to choose from! The prices were really affordable too – I think we spent less than $5 sampling what we did.







It was here that I sampled snake, and Matt ate more things like Starfish and Scorpions!


Sampling some snake



Matt, I think you’ve got some scorpion in your teeth.


The snake tasted like chicken – kinda. Matt said the scorpions were crunchy. One thing that was disgusting was the starfish. It had a hard outer shell, and soft black inside. It smelled awful and Matt said it tasted disgusting. The people in our group that bought them couldn’t even finish them. I’m a bit sad to know that if I ever get in a Castaway situation, I could not subsist on starfish. I’ll have to work on my fishing abilities.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?



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