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January 7, 2015

Hi Friends! I’ve got some time to kill at a coffee shop while I wait for a Big Wild Life Runs meeting to start, so I figured I’d share what exciting things have been happening here in Alaska!

1. I signed up for my first race of 2015!

It’s the Skinny Raven Valentine’s Day Chocolate Run. Matt is also running it with me (ahh, what one does for love). Couples wear red bibs, and if you’re single you wear a green one so hopefully people can meet running soul sole mates, at least for the day! This is perfect for training because…


2. I’ve decided this is the year I run a marathon!

After running the Mayor’s half-marathon last year, I really enjoyed the sense of accomplishment I got from crossing the finish line. And then I saw people that were older and bigger than me competing the marathon and Matt and I both said “If they can do a marathon, I can do a marathon!”

So here are are: 2015. And planning on running a marathon. The one I’m hoping to run? The Prince of Wales Marathon in Prince of Wales, Alaska (near Ketchikan) on May 23rd. It’s an out-and-back along the water, relatively flat with few climbs, a smaller competitive field, and has an 8-hour time limit. Bonus: we can go halibut fishing the day after! It’s also only $50, so it isn’t a huge cost burden like some of the other marathons (I’m looking at you, every race in Hawaii).

I’m using a training plan provided via Garmin that will allow me to sync the workouts with my Garmin watch, and working with my trainer to strengthen my core muscles.

3. I’m guest hosting the United Way Emerging Leaders Instagram this week!

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 09.31.01You can follow along at @UWELAK, and like all the things I’m posting. I will be showing how I #LiveUnited in Anchorage all week – from how I work to how I get involved in the Alaska community. The United Way Emerging Leaders is a young professionals club I joined here in Anchorage that promotes dedication to making a difference through focused philanthropic, volunteer service, networking and leadership development in the local community. I really love Anchorage, so I’m so excited to work to make the city the best it can be!

4. Matt & I are trying a 28-day meal plan recommended by my doctor to kick start my metabolism and help me make better decisions about what I eat.

The meal plan includes eating 5 times a day, eating within 30 minutes of waking up, and cooking all of your meals. It also says no dairy, no wheat, no added sugar, no caffeine, and no alcohol. This is going to be a long 28 days (we’re on day 3!). The good news is, since I still haven’t adjusted back to Alaska time – yes, I’m still naturally waking up at 6am – cooking breakfast has been enjoyable and I’ve had time in the mornings to get stuff done and not feel rushed going out the door.

What’s been happenin’ in your new year?




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  • Reply Stacy January 8, 2015 at 02:33

    Good luck with the diet! I’m doing a whole30 which is basically the same thing just 2 extra days. If you need extra inspiration for cooking try emeals. They seen out some really good paleo dinners.

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