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Happy Valentine’s Day from The Stews!

February 15, 2015

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful weekend – whether you recognized Valentine’s Day or not!

We tend to half-ass Valentine’s Day. We know it’s there – but we don’t really do anything for it. If we do some sort of activity, we’re like “yay, Valentine’s Day!” but we don’t really put any effort into it whatsoever.

And that’s perfectly fine for us. We do nice and thoughtful things for each other throughout the year, so having to pick one day to be ‘extra thoughtful’ doesn’t really fly.

That being said, we did take note of the date and celebrated as Matt and Emily do: with Emily forcing Matt to run a 5k!

We did a FroYo (frozen yogurt) date on Friday night at our favorite spot: The Yogurt Lounge!


We used to try to split one cup together – but my sweet tooth and his only-fruit-and-gummy-bears styles didn’t mix well. So now we each get our own cups, and we aren’t allowed to make the other party feel guilty for adding sprinkles and caramel to their cake-batter-and-oreo-toppings mix. (Can you guess whose is whose?)

Saturday morning we woke early for the Skinny Raven Valentine’s Day Chocolate Run 5k! Some cool things about this race: instead of a t-shirt, you get a scarf; you get chocolates from Modern Dweller’s at the finish line; and race bibs are color oriented based on if you’re single or taken!


We ran as Team Stew (I know – we are so original at team names) on the chilly course. It was about 25*F out (so warm for February) and the course was relatively flat. Matt took off from me at the start line, but I didn’t mind because he is much faster than I, and I can’t handle him commenting on my pace when we run together. Overall, we did pretty decent. Matt ran a 26:17, and came in 66th place out of 751 runners! I ran a 34:47, which is 36 seconds off from my Personal Record since moving to AK.

I keep finishing races in the 34 minute mark, so I recognize the fact that I need to start doing some speed-work to get that time down. Matt thinks I can be in the under 30minute range by the end of the year – so I know I need to get off my butt and start hitting the indoor track. Wahhh.

I also recognize I need to work on opening my eyes in photos. I have eyes, I promise!

I also recognize I need to work on opening my eyes in photos. I have eyes, I promise!

After our race, we came home to spend Valentine’s Day with our girls, Sasha & Moose. We bought them brand new beds, and I think they totally love them!

here she laid for the entirety of the weekend

here she laid for the entirety of the weekend

To continue our weekend, tonight we are going to a Beer Pairing Dinner featuring Alaskan and Hawaiian entrees paired with beer from both states. Should be a perfect end to a great weekend!

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?



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