The Stews Go To The Virgin Islands: That time Matt got us attacked by Sea Urchins

February 18, 2015

Hello all! As my tan fades away and I can finally stomach the thought of rum punches again, I decided this was the perfect time to share my memories from our 2014 Christmas Vacation: an island getaway to St. Thomas, St. John, and the British Virgin Islands!

Now you’ve already read about our St. John adventure: it centered around swimming in crystal clear waters and drinking island brewed beer!

Here’s the story of how Matt got me injured by sea urchins.

We went to St. Thomas with my parents for Christmas. It’s been somewhat of a tradition with my family to travel somewhere for Christmas: I’m an only child and once I turned 16 and got a job, I started buying all the stuff I wanted instead of waiting for Christmas or my birthday to ask for them. Rather than deal with the stress of buying gifts that we didn’t need or decorating the house, we went somewhere. It was the ideal Christmas gift for everyone: a low stress vacation.

We arrived in St. Thomas Christmas Day and immediately hit the resort bar for some run punches!


We may have had a few too many (by the end of the night we were drinking them out of buckets – oh my!), because Matt got the brilliant idea that we should go swimming in the dimly lit cove.

It did not end well. I fell on a sea urchin.

Before the swimming incident

Before the swimming incident

Apparently sea urchins come out at night to feed on algae, so night stings are the most common. I received 11 stings in my thumb, two in my finger, a few in my palm and one on the bottom of my foot.seaurchins

Matt, the one with the genius plan, only got 2 spines stuck in his hand. Not fair.

Unfortunately, it hurt like crazy. The spines get trapped under the skin, and couldn’t be pulled out. It left my fingers really tender, and 7 weeks later I still have one pesky spine in the center of my thumb that hurts if I apply pressure to it (so basically, if I push anything with my thumb. Like when I text.)

While I am not thrilled about our sea urchin incident, it did create a funny story that we laughed about the next day.

Also, the resort cat snuck into our room with us and tried to cuddle.


So I guess the moral of the story is that if you get hurt doing dumb things, animals will take pity on you and cuddle you back to happiness.

That’s a good moral, right?




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