The Windiest Sunset Ever

February 6, 2015

Last night, my friend Lauren & I decided to meet on the Coastal Trail at Earthquake Park to get in a stroll and watch the sunset.

It was so beautiful.

It was so cold.

I put on my layers, packed up Sasha and we headed to Earthquake Park in Anchorage to meet Lauren at 4:45. I was a bit late because of a moose in my neighborhood, but luckily Lauren was running late as well.



Once we arrived and I put on my gloves and hat, we were off on an adventure! A very windy adventure!

Sasha's ears, flapping in the breeze

Sasha’s ears, flapping in the breeze

We walked down to get a good viewpoint of Mt. Susitna, or Sleeping Lady as she is known in town. She looked so pretty bathed in the evening lights.




Downtown also looked so pretty: I never grow tired of seeing the city set against such a magnificent backdrop. The mountains are enormous, and so close!




We were also brave warriors and walked on the frozen mudflats: in the summer you can’t venture out because it’s essentially quicksand. But today they were frozen over, so we got to get an unblocked view of Sleeping Lady in her glory. Sasha, of course, loved every minute of it. She has truly become an Alaska dog, braving cold and wind for the hunt for adventure!

Lauren battling the wind

Lauren battling the wind

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile I am so excited for the days to get longer again, it does mean the end of sunsets. Once May/June/July hits, the sun doesn’t really set so much as it dips behind mountains for a bit. Every season here in Anchorage offers something to savor, because you don’t get to enjoy all the things year round. Sunsets are one of them!

I’m also so excited because Matt, the pups, and I are spending the weekend in a cabin in Talkeetna! We hate being cooped up in the city, and since flights to Vegas, Iceland, Seattle, and Hawaii were all over $900/pp for the weekend, we figured a weekend getaway to Talkeetna was the next best thing!

I also can’t wait to share some exciting life news regarding The Stews in Alaska! Look for more posts next week!




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