The Stews Go To Scandinavia: Norway

March 16, 2015

Oslo, Norway was our first stop on our road trip with the new car. It was a 3 hour drive north of Gothenburg, and a beautiful drive.

City driving – that was a different story. As soon as we got within 1/2 mile of the hotel, we parked in a parking garage – a lot easier said than done. There was crazy construction going on, and our GPS was having a hard time keeping the satellite connection.

Oslo was beautiful, but so expensive. Living in Alaska, I had gotten used to paying more for things than they should cost – but I was still blown away by Norway prices. Food and goods were literally double the cost. Ouch!

But we didn’t let the price of Norway impact our fun. We got to see and do a lot of cool things, like:

– Drinking at an Ice Bar,


– Going to a Viking Museum,VikingMuseum

– and spending a morning strolling around the Norwegian Royal Castle.NorwayCastle

But by far the most fun activity we did in Oslo was tobogganing!

We drove into the mountains above Oslo to go down the Korketrekkeren – a 2.5km luge track with a few curves and lots of fun! We rented sleds from the local sledding club and hit the track!


I tend to be a nervous Nellie and when the lady at the sled rental shop was telling us that the route was bumpy and rough, I got a bit nervous! Luckily, Matt told me to stop being a wuss and we flew down the track!

The best part: the track is right by the public transit. (it literally starts AND finishes at metro stops!) So after a 7 minute ride down, we hopped on the metro for a 10 minute ride back to the top!

I didn’t properly dress for the day’s event, so while Matt was warm in a jacket and his L.L.Bean boots, I was wearing heeled boots that WEREN’T waterproof, with a Boden jacket and no warm under-layers. After 3 sled runs, I was soaked, cold, and losing feeling in my toes. As much as we hated to, we had to call it a day.

It is definitely something I would do again and again and again – I couldn’t imagine being lucky enough to live near such a cool thing! I think I have the makings of being a tobogganing Olympian, and need to find a place in Alaska to practice for the 2020 olympics! [kidding – kind of. If they invited me to try out for their team, I totally would.]

Since we didn’t get the chance to take photos on the toboggan run (enjoying ourselves took priority), I found a YouTube video that highlights what the run is like! It’s 7 minutes long, so you can watch it in double time, or just click through for a preview. (Link Here)

Where’s the best place you’ve ever been sledding? I feel like I need to practice my skills!



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