Falling in Love

September 12, 2015

We moved to a new neighborhood recently, and I’m absolutely falling in love with it. It’s an area I’ve admired since I was in high school – I have fond memories of going here for live music at the Neighborhood Theatre or the Evening Muse, followed by pizza and beers from the (then) Mellow Mushroom. When we decided to move back, I knew this was the part of town we should live in.

It’s known as the Arts District, and is growing so quickly. There are now condos and half-million dollar homes in an area that, 5 years ago, wasn’t super safe to be in at night. Breweries pepper the main street, and the restaurants all have patios. It’s dog friendly, with almost all of our neighbors having dogs; filling us with joy whenever we hear a dog barking and can gleefully say “not ours!” Our neighbors are around the same age as us, and we keep hearing “pop by for a beer sometime!” knowing that it is a genuine invitation.

We’re less than a half-mile to a busy part of the neighborhood; meaning, for the first time ever, I can walk and bike to yoga classes, and we can walk to dinner. There is a little organic grocery in town that provides a great place to pop into for beer, wine, and chips and salsa. There’s a darling coffee shop that we walked to Monday morning for smoothies and a chance to relax.

I can’t help myself, the neighborhood is too beautiful. I keep snapping photos of the sights I see in the neighborhood that fill me with joy. I wanted to share them with you. I’m sure I will inundate you with more on my instagram as well!












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