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Gear Review: Cairn Box – August Edition

September 22, 2015

We got our Cairn box really late this month. The whole moving cross country thing meant that our box went to Alaska, and then had to be rerouted to North Carolina. Which is unfortunate. But luckily, the USPS had our back and we got our goody box!

Which is really fortunate because we really loved what was in it!!


  1. Omnibar Mango Curry Beef Bar | Value: $3


Made of grass fed beef from Montana, this bar meets with Asian influence for a bar that is savory, sweet, and spicy.

2. Qancha by Nazqiz | Value: $2.50


Yummy! This corn snack is lightly coated in avocado oil and sea salt, making it addicting. The fact that it is gluten free makes me feel like I am a champion of my own healthy snacks.

3. The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide | Value: $10


This is a really handy guide with essential techniques for an unexpected campout. There’s lot of great information for short-term survival situations, and just great recommendations on how to hike and backpack with more awareness to your safety. The biggest take-aways: LEAVE A TRIP PLAN! Let someone you trust know when and where you’ll be, and when they can expect you back. The sooner someone realizes you’re missing, the sooner rescue services can find you!

4. luminAID PackLite 16 | Value: $25


OK, this thing is awesome!

It’s a solar-charging, waterproof, inflatable, lightweight lantern that packs to this tiny thing pictured above. It can provide up to 16 hours of continuous LED light, comes with 3 light settings and a flashing mode which is ideal for emergency situations.

Once we took this out of the box, we couldn’t NOT find excuses to use it. We took it the first night to the drive-in theatre, and it was perfect for lighting up the back of our truck while we looked for candy and wine among the dogs and blankets. In our cabin, it made a perfect night light while we got ready for bed (it will also be perfect in a tent!). It has multiple clip holes, so you can string it anywhere or clip it to anything.

I love love love this item, which is why I am so glad that there is a discount code to get another one that was included in the packaging!

The Gist:

Cairn is definitely worth the money. It costs $25/month, but if you subscribe in bulk you can get a discount. The August box had a value of approximately $40.50.

Cairn works to get items from a mix of well-known brands and newcomers – meaning you can really experiment and try new things out. Each month seems to feature one major item (May was the battery charger, April had a Hydroflask cup!), with some other small items. To see what they’ve had in previous boxes, click here.

If you’re interested in trying out Cairn, visit their website here, and be sure to put us as your referral!

Cairn Referral Code

When you get to this part of registration, put this info in the boxes!



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