Working For Our Wine: The 2015 Tiger Mountain Vineyards Harvest Party

September 30, 2015

We love the mountains. We love all that is offered by them: peaceful views, cooler temperatures, a chance to get away from the city.

And then there are other reasons – like how the mountains in Northeast Georgia are excellent for producing wine! To kickoff another great winemaking season Tiger Mountain Vineyards hosted their Annual Harvest Party last weekend. 


The Norton grapes we helped harvest. A grape natural to North America, it is considered the ‘Kudzu of wine’ because it grows so well!

We’ve been members of this vineyards wine club since 2013 when we bought our mountain cabin in Tiger. They do a wonderful Malbec and their Touriga Nacional is absolutely outstanding. So when we received an invite to their Harvest Party and realized we would actually be able to go, we were ecstatic!


Essentially, the harvest party is a celebration to kickoff the harvesting of grapes for the making of next years wine. The vineyard had a full day of events planned out, starting with getting the attendees to help harvest the grapes!

EmHarvestClippers were provided, and they had workers in the vines as well, helping you out if you had questions over what grapes were good, or which were rotten. It was so much fun and there were dozens of people helping to harvest the Norton for next years productions. We personally harvested 6 yellow bins full before we decided it was time to check out the amazing cheese spread.

Aside from helping to harvest grapes, they had a big party with a roasted pig, artisan cheeses, and lots of opportunities to try the latest wines! Dessert served on the patio of the Red Barn Cafe was the perfect way to end the event – along with that case of wine we added to our cellar!

*Note: we don’t actually have a cellar. Just a place where we store copious amounts of wine. Just let us feel fancy.




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