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Brew Publik & The Joy of Ordering Everything For Delivery!

October 1, 2015

We’ve discovered an amazing thing – in the Lower 48 (aka the contiguous USA), you can literally order anything to your door. We’ve been experiencing the joys of 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime, the local grocery allows you to order online and pick up your groceries in the parking lot of the store, and there is even a mobile dog wash that will come to your house and wash your dog! (We haven’t actually tried that yet, but I really want to.)

Another great thing we have discovered we can order straight to our door: Craft Beer, courtesy of Brew Publik.

Now obviously, we love beer. Our #TheStewsDrinkBrews is only a snapshot of the delicious brews we taste on our journey of beer exploration. So when we heard about a service that delivers craft beer to our door, AND it’s supposed to be based on our taste, we just had to give it a shot.


How it works:
You go to their website and create a Taste Profile. Anyone who has tried StitchFix or RockBox will understand the concept: you tell them your favourite beers, what styles you like, breweries that have captivated your taste flavors, etc.

They then enter your answers into their Beer Algorithm.

The magic truly happens once you’ve arranged for your monthly delivery. Your beer, specially picked for you!, arrives at your door in a lovely crate along with an Enjoyment Guide. Inside the enjoyment guide are the profiles of your beer, and a survey to fill out about your beers. When you get your next shipment, you give them the empty crate in exchange for a new (and full!) one. Easy.

What We Got:
We received 4 different beers in the month of September. We tend to be big IPA fans, and our crate reflected that.

The beer profiles  that were included describing the beer were a little lack luster – only one of the beers actually had a completed profile. As the company grows, I am sure that they will be able to provide completed sheets on all the beers they offer.


What we thought: 

This is great. Scheduling the appointment for delivery was super easy. I was a little late for delivery because of traffic (ugh), but I spoke with the delivery person on the phone and she came back after doing some other drop offs in the area.

The beer is delivered in a beautiful crate, and it was really cool to stock our fridge with a variety of beers; the Hopwork Orange was especially delicious and not a beer I would have picked out. Thus proving that maybe the beer algorithm knows my taste better than I do.

We’re sold on the concept and actualization of the product – we’re signed up for another month. If you are interested in trying out BrewPublik as well, click here to set up your own beer delivery!



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