Cabin Update: Staying Warm & Strange New Dogs

October 30, 2015

Halloween is quickly approaching, and as my least favourite holiday ever I decided this was the year that I wouldn’t suck it up, put on cat ears, and pretend to enjoy looking ridiculous. Yes, 2015 is the year I finally own up to my grumpy ways and refuse to participate.

So I went down to our cabin in Northeast Georgia, where trick-or-treaters dare not venture. Ha!

I’ve been at our cabin for 2 days now (perks of not having a full-time job yet, I guess) with our dogs and we’ve been having quite the good time.

For starters, we finally have a permanent heat source!


Moose & I were so excited, we took a selfie together! Sasha had no interest in being part of the selfie, as she was with the Propane crew under the house helping them hook up the line. Or she was licking them. Either way, she probably didn’t help out much.

excitedHaving this propane tank installed means big things for The Tiger Cabin – It means we finally have it to where we can use it year round. In the past, winter has been kind of off limits because it gets really cold. We had been using propane tanks like what you get from Home Depot for your grill, and they don’t last a terribly long time. Plus, we had an issue when the pressure in the tank would get low, the heater wouldn’t light all the way and propane would drip in the house and we almost set the home on fire once. [Propane safety is very real.]

As we work on our 40 year plan of eventually retiring to this cabin and living in the woods forever, this is a huge step forward.

Another great thing happening is that we are in full swing of beautiful fall weather. In Alaska, I got used to a really short fall season with the leaves changing and falling really quickly. Being back South has been nice for watching the season progress slowly, and to appreciate how pretty the leaves are on the trees.

View from the deck!

View from the deck!

The dogs also love being at the cabin, because they get to run and play and explore in the woods. Yesterday afternoon I made the dogs come in the house so I could run some errands without them, and this is the look I got from Moose:


You would think I told her there were no more treats being made and that she’d never get to lay on a couch again from the sad and pitiful look she gave me.

She got over the betrayal quickly on Friday morning, and spent several hours roaming the woods around the house. When I called her back to the house so I could run into town for lunch, I got a bit of a surprise.


Suddenly, I found myself with three dogs. After a quick recount in my head, I remembered that I actually only have two dogs.

But New Dog stayed and played for a while. She wrestled and played with Moose on the deck.


She came in my house, curled up on my couch, and drank water from our bowl as if she had always been a member of the family.


I had to bribe her with a treat to leave, and even still New Dog would not go.


When I finally got around to leaving the house an hour later, New Dog was still there.

New Dog followed me down our gravel road before I loaded her up in my car to take back to her rightful owner who lived at the house on top of the mountain (about 3/4 of a mile up from us). I let New Dog out at her home, and tried to head down the mountain again, but New Dog followed again. So once again, I drove New Dog back to her house and knocked on the door so her owner could keep her from following. She’s such a sweet dog, but people drive so fast on the road near us that I worried she would follow me into traffic.

Plans for the weekend are looking good. I ran into the manager of my favourite restaurant in Clayton – Fortify – and he offered to teach me how to make the perfect Old Fashioned, so that lesson will be learned this weekend! I’m getting a good spin in at Lakemont Cycle Studio, and we’re hoping the weather will be good enough to head towards Franklin, NC to hike on the Appalachian Trail for a bit. Not a bad way to spend the Halloween holiday, in my opinion.



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